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Monologue by Dr. Geek

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Now let us use this unzipped directory for testing the Stanford NER library


We will be using NetBeans IDE 8.1


Open NetBeans and create a new project StanfordNERTest


Uncheck Create Main Class check box


Refer the next slide for more details


Then, Copying NERDemo File


Adding JAR File


Now we need to add Stanford NER library in the class path to resolve errors


Adding JAR File in here.


Let’s start the setup process.


First download Stanford NER version 3.8.0 using the link provided in previous slide


The download is available in zip format and is sized approximately 171 MB


Once the download completes unzip the compressed package in some suitable location


Now, you can see Unzipped Directory Structure.


NLP stands for Natural Language Processing and is related to computer processing of human languages like English


NLP is an active topic under Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain


Some of the important NLP subtasks include Stop Words Removal, Name Entity Recognition, tokenization etc.


Stanford NLP three class Named Entity Recognition includes recognizing names of Persons, Places and Organizations (discussed in this presentation)


Stanford NLP also provides four class as well as seven class Name Entity Recognition (not discussed)


Name Entity Recognition


For more details regarding Stanford NER you can visit


On this link you can find information like introduction, getting started as well as how to ask questions related to Stanford NER


You can also find link to download Stanford NER library along with sample program in Java


Here we will provide more details how to use this sample program and perform simple named entities recognition


At the time of this presentation the latest NER version is 3.8.0