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Exciting, symbolic, cultural, philosophical and dramatic. These are the words that can best describe this Colombian cultural work by Cristina Gallego & Ciro Guerra. From the first 10 minutes he puts in focus cultures and linguistic samples -First movie spoken in Wuayú- typical of an aboriginal society of South America that had never been explored in the seventh art. There lies the beauty of the film, because it takes the time to show and exhibit an ancestral indigenous culture with the help of impeccable photography, unforgettable landscapes, masterful actors direction and a narrative style in the best style of La Iliada.

The public will encounter a family drama with shades of narco novel. However, the latter should not disappoint the public, since the whole issue related to marijuana is just a thread that allows us to unite the center of the film, a story about the decadence of the ancient values and traditions of an aboriginal people of the Peninsula of the Guajira.

Possible Spoiler, To enjoy the film better, it is advisable to pay special attention to the use of songs and animals as a connection between the spiritual world and the material world.

We are facing one of the best films that Colombian cinema has given birth to. It will surely be nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars 2019, and who knows, maybe it'll keep the prize. Cultural Patrimony of Humanity.

Birds of Passage: Migrant Labor and Industrial.
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Welcome. The island of Skye is unique though the systematic recording of its wildlife is a recent development. By highlighting the wide variety of birds which can be seen, we hope to encourage locals and visitors to record their bird observations, stimulate involvement in fieldwork, and contribute to the conservation and protection of a number..

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Often I think of the beautiful town That is seated by the sea; Often in thought go up and down The pleasant streets of that dear old town, And my youth comes back to me.
Birds Of Britain Bird Guide Illustrated Guide to over 100 British Birds With articles by Michael Seago and others that first appeared in the Eastern Daily Press

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Poem Title First Line Publication Name Publication Year; Aftermath: When the summer fields are mown, Birds of Passage (Flight the Third) 1873: Afternoon in February

The Colombian drug trade drama sparked the interest of Sony Pictures Classics, A24, Neon, Netflix and Oscilloscope.

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