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September 12, 2014

The notes of A-Pop Castle 2014 in Finland

Let's see how the writing camp in Finland went!!

ーーWelcome back! I am sure that you had a great time.

Mitsu.J ) Yes, I already miss that beautiful sight! We spent three days in Calliola Conference & Event Center (about one and a half hour drive from Helsinki) to have a writing camp with fantastic writers from Finland, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.
Weather was dry, cool, and so comfortable, very much like fall in Japan. Worked in the lakeshore lodge surrounded by a forest and fresh air…

ーーHow did you guys create music there?

M) Accompanied A&Rs announced their requests at the morning meetings, and we were divided into several teams which was shuffled everyday, and start creating a song per day with partners. We wrote songs for Korean and Taiwanese singers other than Japanese acts.

ーーWho's in your writing team?

M) I have worked with Jonnaemilia Kärkkäinen, Finlander track producer, and Jonnaemilia, topliner. We started working from their rough track and built it up on day one.

Day two, I started with my guitar scratch with Mikko Tamminen, Finlander track producer who wrote KARA's "Electric Boy", and Daniel Kim, a topliner works for Korean popular girl band, Secret.

Day three was a Rock 'n Roll night LOL!! Both of my partners, Janne Hyöty and Samuli Laiho play guitar, so we made a rock song.

ーーHow did you like cowriting with them?

M) They all creative, so quick, and the best thing is there is no need to hesitate to bring up an idea unlike being in Japan.

ーーWas there any special event in Helsinki?

M) We rented a small club in the last day and had a listening party where we played all the songs we have made with teams.
Also attended the cultural exchange event called EARS. Of course we enjoyed the Finlander-style sauna every night.

ーーLast word please.

M) Although there were so many precious moments in Finland, the most precious thing for me was meeting fantastic musician mates overseas. I really enjoyed crossing the border.
I want to say thank you to all the people involved with A-pop Castle that provided me a wonderful experience!!


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