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God the trailer is so misleading but in a brilliant way. It comes across as another bland horror film, but the editing is hiding a WHOLE different story, like holy shit. Best horror film of 2018, don't let the trailer fool you. It is NOT what it seems.

By far the best horror movie ive seen. 10/10. Highly recommended.

The characters go thru such emotional torture in this thruout, it amps up the horror at the end to unbelievable levels. If that main broad doesn't win the Oscar, they may as well not bother with the award in the future. Chris is 1000 percent right about this nasty, nasty film. Look, I don't get freaked out easy by any film, I watch them alone. I don't get freaked out mainly because I'm old, and nothing trumps old age for horror, but this fucking movie is one well-made evil piece of work. I literally WORKED to forget what I just saw immediately after the film. 'Just don't think about it' and I actively worked not to. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, CHRIS! JUST LET IT GO AWAY! IT WANTS TO STAY AND FUCK WITH YOU. IT'S EVIL! IT WANTS YOU TO REWATCH IT SO IT CAN EAT YOUR SOUL! LOL ===== I WILL NEVER, *EVER*, WATCH THIS UTTERLY DISTURBING MASTERPIECE AGAIN no LOL either. Once is enough. The beginning is stifling, slow and torturous, the middle is agony, and the end is tragic horror I shouldn't have even written this. Seriously. Just want it gone from my head.

my theory for this movie is that very little of it is actually real. it seemed to me that the blue light was meant to be a glint from annie's magnifying glasses as she was looking down on her miniatures. i think she created the plot of the movie through her miniatures as a way for her to cope with the loss of her mother and the connection they never really had. the plot is so dark and disturbing because annie's mind itself is plagued with generations and histories of mental diseases. or, it could just be the spooky satan cult..

There are horror movies. And there are movies like Hereditary. Don’t watch this movie it is truly speechless.


where him get that shirt from lol :)


Man I thought I was going banana


When i watched it, there was no death by peanuts in the end for us.

Truly disturbing. Watched it already. The reviews are true.


he is a killer but he will be killed tonight


When are you gonna review the haunting of hill house??

It was well filmed and with some good acting, lots of tension, good soundtrack... until the acting gets over the top, it descends into nonsense, with bad special effects (flies, chalk), predictability (woman at help group who turns out bad), and plenty of clichés. Got fed up after an hour. I'd give it 75%. If this is the scariest movie of the year, then it's a poor year for horror..

This movie was the creepiest shit I’ve ever seen


just finished watching the movie right now by myself. it was like 3:15 am when i saw it lol its now like 5:40 am. but whooaa my head is like wtf did i just watch lol. i had to replay that part like twice where mom screams and the head just chillen on the side of the highway.. what the f dude just went to lay down . hell nah that shit would be a just kill your self moment!! i wouldnt be able to live with the guilt..

damn im crying like in a theater....oh wait no im not.

I'm still pissed about the dog.
Its a good movie but the trailer makes it seem action packed with jump scares. Also, the movie was a little too slow paced in my opinion but that's my only complaint..
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