Today let's look at a natural English conversation.

A) Pizza? I thought you were on a diet.
B) Today's a cheat day.
A) Oh? Well, enjoy.
B) Thanks.

In Japanese:
A) ピザですか?ダイエット中だと思いました。
B) 今日はダイエットを休んでいる日ですよ。
A) そうなんですね。それでは、楽しんでください。
B) ありがとうございます。

People on strict diets often have a "cheat day" 
where they can eat whatever they want.

"Cheat" also has other meanings:

1) He got caught cheating on a test.

2) They broke up because she got caught cheating.

Depending on the context, "cheat" can mean だます、カンニングをする、
浮気をする or ダイエットを休む.

Well, that's it for today!
Have a great Tuesday night!