Great job everyone!  You all did a wonderful job and I was very impressed with how hard you worked at your pronunciation.  Having clear and proper pronunciation takes a lot of time and effort, but it is not impossible.  Everyone improved this time and I could hear each time we met.  Even if you struggled to pass a level, I could tell you were working towards bettering yourself.  For that I am extremely thankful for you. 


Now I want to talk about something to keep in mind when working on your English.  One of the keys to clear and strong pronunciation is opening your mouth.  When we are learning a foreign language we sometimes get self-conscious of how we are speaking.  Which means we tend to talk softly or with restraint.  In English, we can't hold back.  We must relax and enjoy speaking up.  Communication is key to our lives and we should not hold ourselves back when trying to speak.  I recommend watching some English movies or TV shows and focus on the shape of peoples' mouths.  See how their mouths move and how far they open when they speak.  Often times we are too busy listening to what people are saying, but it is important to see how they say it too.  Those natural mouth movements are very important in how we speak. 


And of course I always recommend Talk Pier.  When you attend Talk Pier you are able to work with me on talking freely.  I help with pronunciation as well as getting comfortable communicating.  It is a challenging opportunity for students to work with a native English speaker. 


I want to thank everyone for coming to the pronunciation clinic in December.  I had a great time seeing many familiar faces and many new ones.  I enjoyed our time together and look forward to seeing you again.  Please continue practicing and thinking about how you speak. 


Travis  2017.12





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トークピア講師 Travis Ptak