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2008-09-16 11:53:10

My country is so of you

Certainly, we have a lot of histories that this United States Independence Day considers for such a young country. A lot of which it is proud of early American big fan of the history I, and our founder happen, and there are a lot of verrucas because of being overlooked. No generation is complete there are some large one that concerns me concerning there is our country by the head though had by everybody because of them. Because sensationalism, the scandal, and the sound bite are very blown in to our political process, any actual information is not passed on by general media. How did the style of Douglas Lincoln discussion become it?Do you think that a modern American makes it to the discussion about the stomach of three hours in length?What true discussion about problem really-- I : as a friend in need who believed that other countries relied on the United States. Country that hoped to help to maintain high standard of it, and to achieve other one in the same. You behave, and the kind of someone the relief with the friend who respects it as a model of the lead and strength or the lean even for protection. My seeing us not felt this pride for about ten years in the country, and slip down to an abyss that self-concentrates and is self-complacent faster makes me feel sorry. How should present management and other countries see the American and I am made to be quite frankly perplexed. Other one to see the inside only wishes not to think that our popular media are children who like it as we follow in everyone. It is completely cold-hearted to make it frighteningly from lack of approval that we resigned the global leader as a leader in this country of the citizens. Making of fate of this country of connive as country by us making me angry there is privilege and the little decisionYes, if someone hardly votes purposely, is it really democratic though understands when it is called democracy in me?The advantage is used, and is the one to be in power does erode some of the basic principle of citizenship in our country etc. , and a right to privacy? Our generation is sitting on our hand when returning it thinking blood, the sweat, and the death when you are equal the generation in front of us how many, and it endured to found the state based on the right to achieve the one that exists in the abilities of freedom and us from the religious persecution, and it is shame that doesn't give feces more honestly than it for whether these bases are preserved. How is it citizenship and about all those Americans who did not fight that lands exactly in all the suffrage ways for the American compared with slavery though it is educated or it is affluent?Let's vote by using this present. When you give it a thought, it is considerably amusing. Do they doubt and do you think it is deep as long as you were going to say them no generation.. ..president.. much more purposely vote for the local election whether fought for us to return, and to defend the suffrage as it is very hopeless of whom? And, please turn one's mind if some respects remain these countries what to we represent it to other countries by ourselves. Please fight, and obtain information how on this country is managed. Please use the right that we should do what you to whom you are known to want your rule of this country very want to say. It is possible to hold at that time, and we do only by the citizens and can not see but do the sense of the property right of our government, the sense of civic duties and participation, and pride in other countries in our country and can have it see. HP WIKI PROF BBS BLOG 逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高逆援助最高