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A college football program in existence for 83 years now. Taking home national titles in 1983, 1987, 1989, & 2001. A ranking in the top 5 programs for total national championships. However, this great football program hasn't been a factor for a national championship for 8 years running now. Not expected for one of the top football programs in history.

Previous Heisman winners in Vinny Testavarde & Gino Torretta. A team holding the record for most consecutive victories (58) at home. A team that also holds several record in regards to the NFL Draft. One is having a first round draft pick every year from 1995-2008. That's 14 straight years.

A team that has some legendary & well known head coaches. Some even former NFL coaches as well. One coach (Jimmy Johnson) was also a two-time Super Bowl winner in the NFL. He coached the Miami team for 5 years. For 6 years, The program was lead by another former NFL head coach (Dennis Erickson) of both the Seattle Seahawks & San Francisco 49ers. Another 6 year coaching tenure followed Erickson. He (Butch Davis) was a former Cleveland Browns head coach as well. Just like the previous few head coaches, another 6 year term occurred when a less popular coach(Larry Coker) took over the program.

For the past 3 seasons the controls have been in the hands of Larry Shannon. Miami has a bowl record of 18-15. Their in-state rivals are the Seminoles & Gators. Miami has received quite a few solid players in their school history. There is a previous bad situation hanging over the football program. This was all due to a fight between Miami & Florida International coming back in 2006. Several Miami players were not allowed to play for one game due to this incident. The most coveted award (Heisman) was awarded to two previous QB's but a few other have awards as well. Not to be left out, some coaches have awards in their honor as well.

A prestigious baseball program for going on 27 years now. Making 23 College World Series appearances in the past 27 years. Out of those 23 appearances winning a total of four national championships. They have been a member of the ACC for 6 years now after coming over from the ranks of the independents. Winning 2 nation titles in a four year time span. And, also winning two more championships in just a three year time frame.Having the same head coach (Jim Morris) since 1994. Only one other coach (Ron Fraser) has beat him for tenure by coaching for 29 years. They both still have something in common too but each of them is different.

Winning two national championships apiece. One taking the title three years apart & the other two years apart. There are two former Miami greats (Ryan Braun & Par Burrell) currently playing MLB. Also, a current MLB player(A-Rod) that has the current Miami baseball stadium named in his honor. All this due to a generous donation ($3.9 million) 7 years ago. This is news that falls under the radar for the most part.

Ivan Jamison is a big sports fan. You can check out his Miami Hurricanes Watch or his North Carolina Tar Heels Watch or his South Carolina Gamecocks Watch
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