SHO(ショウ)は、日本のラッパー(HIP HOPPER)。岐阜県高山市出身。S.TIME STYLE RECORDS代表。S.TIMEブランド代表

**Back in Japan for Work**

After some time  away, I recently found myself back 

in Japan for a few days of work. The anticipation and 

excitement of returning to a place that holds so many memories was overwhelming. Japan has always been a special place for me, with its unique blend of 

tradition and modernity, and the unmistakable 

warmth of its people.

I saw a gold gold car and then a person who looked like a rapper .

Said hello and I met Sho.

He has a very shiny car.

Sho was super nice and we will meet again.

My first day back and it is getting amazing by the 


And then……

Eel my favorite

So happy to be back.

Love you all

Have a great day