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“The ending will leave you speechless” the trailer already did!!!!


Here we have Kristen Stewart acting and looking constipated..... only this time it's with an Irish accent. ....Can't wait to see this. Chloe is a goddess.
Ok. I was with it 'till that last line. That just sounds like modern cheeze.
Dever ser chato esse filme
A work of art, truly stunning film that had everything but at the centre is a truly touching love story between two very abused women. I loved this so much and it's beautifully shot and written.
i luv this show

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People keep commenting on how this is creepy. It seems like that’s the whole point of the movie. At some point, for some reason, her interest in this child and his talent becomes an unhealthy obsession. Her mental instability seems like more of the focus in this trailer than his talent..