• 06Dec
    • 2018/12/6

      Hello everyone! We have an announcement to make. In one of our school branches, One of the parents go on about the usage of Ipad during the student's free time. We apologize, Our school staff have discussed the matter as we will do some drastic changes to have a better environment for children. I think student's have enough of that at home and if that's the case, We can provide a few pointers if you want to use technology for them at home. There are a few alternative's in using tablets other than watching. You can use the tablet for photo observation while having a certain discussion of a topic. You can also use it for alternative music for the children. Interactive children's songs such as alphabet song or wheels on the bus. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the teachers as we all have a standard guidline in providing the best approach to your child. Thank you

  • 26Nov
    • 26.Nov.2018

      こんにちは😃ブレス名東園です!今日は、公園に行きました。秋のぽかぽかの天気の中紅葉を見ることができました🍁ブレス名東園近くには徒歩5分圏内に4つの公園があります。「今日はどの公園に行くのかな!?」と毎日ワクワクしますね🍂🌳hello! thank you for checking our first ever blog ☺️For today, we went to one of many park here in Meito. We stroll and wander around the park while watching the beautiful autumn leaves. 🍁The leaves has so many vibrant colors and it made Yukiho smile. To top it off, the perfect weather makes everything very comfortable. It's very nice to choose which park we will go to as there's so many park here. that's all for today.




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