Lyrics to the full Jessica jingle from Parasite

Director Bong had written the song to be a longer version, and here is the translation for the rest of the song lyrics.

Jessica, only child

from Illinois Chicago

Classmate of Kim Jinmo

He's your cousin

Made it to 1st interview with UNICEF

Looks like a poor man's version of Park sodam (name of the actual actress) from Dogok area

Likes GD (member of KPOP band)

Retired father rides yachts on Han river

Still young-at-heart mother runs a kindergarten

Baptized name is Rebecca

Likes cold noodles

Hates lying

Worked part-time for a gallery, went backpacking in her Junior year

Went to Syria and met kids

Developed interest in child psychology there and studied art therapy

Dreams to be the next Bang Jung-hwan (방정환, started "Children's Day" in Korea)