AURORA 英会話 の English Tips!

AURORA 英会話 の English Tips!



Hello everyone!

Did you enjoy the autumn colors this year?
One of our students went to see the autumn leaves in Kyoto and gave us some nice food as souvenirs. But perhaps the takoyaki snacks are from Osaka…
Thanks so much! 頂きます!

ワンポイント英語:紅葉のことは英語で「autumn colors」または「autumn leaves」と言います。

For example: I went to see the autumn colors last weekend.

Did you get a lot of candy?

One of our students gave us some rather unique jelly beans.
They’re from the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” attraction at Universal Studios Japan. Some of them have common flavors, like lemon candy, cherry or blueberry, but others are strange and a little disgusting. There are flavors like dirt (土味), soap (せっけん味), grass (草味) and even rotten egg (腐った卵味)!! Yuck!

Can somebody come and help us eat them?

- Common: 普通の、よくある
- Disgusting: 気持ち悪い
- Yuck!: うぇー!
*New teacher のご紹介です*

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