"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese ex-frontdesk manager

"What is Hip?" in Japan from Japanese ex-frontdesk manager

I'm in charge of Serviced apartment in Shinagawa for the foreign country's customer. I support to find the information something worthwhile for your staying In Japan. Sightseeing, Entertainment, Music, Food, Restaurant, etc...



Takeda brewery in Ehime Prefecture always support our event

to introduce our sake event. Thanks to Tojyo-san from Naito Shoten

in Gotanda, we could see them.

Last week, I got a phone call from Ochi-san from Takeda brewery,

and he asked to me to meet at Kannai.

He requested to me to create some menu with their Sakekasu which

is a side products of making process of sake.

I used to cooked for our party years and years, so I said Yes!

At first, I tried to think about the matching to some other countries dishes.

But I reminded it is better to create the menu more simple, because

it should be useful and easy to get the products.

So I tried to search and remembered what is the local products of

Ehime prefecture. I remembered Jakoten which is a fish cake made

with Jako small fish.

1. Cream cheese and Sakekasu mix together

2. Put Ooba Shiso leave on Jakoten and put the mixed 1 on it.

3. Toast it or straight to eat it.

For second, I tried to think the menu can get the products easily.

1. Fry the chicken and onion with butter.

2. Put Sakekasu and mix for a while, and put milk.

3. Put Vegetable package you can find in super market includes mashrooms

4. Put salt and pepper to taste

5. Put some chopped leak and parmesan cheese on it

If you need to consider your health condition, how about using Sakekasu

in your daily life.

FYI, they make so nice sake in Ehime. Please try to visit Naito-shoten

in Gotanda. You canget very nice one form Takeda brewery named Hime

Ichie at there.

Takeda Brewery: http://www.yamatogokoro.co.jp/index2.htm Japanese only

Naito Shoten in Gotanda: http://www.sakeno.com/sakaya/158 Japanese only

If you want to try my recipe, please try to find Sakekasu! It is very good for your


See you then!!

Takahiko Saito

You know Tokyo is a mega city, so everybody like to enjoy their life at here, especially music lover trying to find a good place to enjoy at!!

Blue Note Tokyo is a place most of the great musicians target to come from
overseas all the time.

My favorite band Tower of Power also came to there this week.
Their member’s wonderful technic of playing always pull our soul also from
Japanese too. They came to do real Soul Vaccination for us!!

Actually, when my hometown got Tsunami, yes, that big earthquake gave the shake
also for Tokyo, they were in Tokyo too. Most of the artist from overseas went back
to their own countries, but they kept staying and played at Blue Note Tokyo.

Some of their members sent me some messages to worry about my hometown.
They have so nice hearted guys, and their music saved my heart when I went back
to see what was happened in Sendai. I got a power from them all the way.

Their live playing was awesome, and kindly some of the members allowed me to
take photos with me!

Their groove is amazingly caught my friend’s heart exactly. They easily became
TOP fun already!!

My friends also like music, so they visited several places like Blue Note, but
they never came to there before. They liked very much!!

Roger-san is my wine friend, he likes wine very much. I could talk for a while.
He is a best Hammond organist of Tower of Power, and he has a vineyards too!
I really like his smile!!

Tom-san is my hero, the reason why I started playing my saxophone is his awesome
playing!! He always grab my soul heart all the time!

Doc-san he is the baritone saxophone player of TOP, and his very nice character
always catches my heart.

Jerry-san is the guitar player of TOP, his solo always clear and rolling out our soul
with his great technic!! My friend is his neighborhood!!

Dave-san is the drum player, and most of drum player in a world knows about his great technic. Amazing!! He is a legend!!

Adolfo-san is the trumpet player of TOP, I met him at Tameike Sannou station
accidentally, that was the start to follow them with fan club! His playing is so beautiful!

Ray-san he is a new vocalist of TOP. I felt he already build up his exact position of TOP yet, and his very high note makes the audience so moved!!
Emilio-san said they have a plan to produce new album with some of Michael Jackson’s songs and we thought new member Ray-san's vocal matches them very nicely!!

Sal-san is the also trumpet player of TOP, and he plays with maximum power of blows from his big body like me, always catches my heart!!

Raimond-san played very nice with bass, he acted for Rocco-san!! We fans pray Rocco-san's speedy recovery!!

Anyway, please check this link for Blue Note Tokyo. I promise you will find a great chance
to heal your heart at least!!

See you then!!

Takahiko Saito


In Kamata, there is a really good Mexican restaurant called Jalisco. I really like

their taste, so I go there once a week.

They bake real tortilla every day, never use frozen one. That is so tasty and have

very good flavor too.

They kindly invited me to cook Tamales very traditional Mexican dish at their home.

Use corn flour, put some oil and salt and chicken soup in it. Mix well and put

poled chicken, cheese, and jalapeno on the corn skin, and roll it. Steam them

in a pan. Depends on the area or family, they put others. That was traditional

Tamales. Their food history has over 7,000 years!!

After steamed, I tried some of them. Awesome!!!!!!

I really like Mexican food. They recommend to put Salsa verde sauce. So I tried

them. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!

I really enjoyed cooking, and I felt I am so lucky to experience such a real cooking

occasion in Tokyo!!

I f you have interest, please try to visit Jalisco in Kamata.

They open Tue-Sat 11:30-15:00, Sat 17:30-21:00.


Thank you Maria-san Eri-san and Papa-san!

Eri-san, Hope to see you and your baby soon...

Hasta la Vista!!

Takahiko Saito