Official turntable Official turntable Do not post by yourself music with titles that try and gain upvotes through sympathy.Your music should stand alone.If you have an appealing story behind the music, you can contribute this in comments or self post text. Good exercise: "Listed here is a song i made" Bad for instance: "I am homeless and taken this song with my last nickels" Good as an for Cheap Pandora illustration: "Listed this is the song i made for a charity" Bad for instance: "Please upvote this song i made for eager orphans" Fridays are auto post only Self posts that only include a link will be removed.Friday is for crazy discussions, not youtube back.If your posting is"Low stock, or looks to be yet another way of posting a youtube video you like, then it may removed. Dangle Beads Wednesday is"Redditor brought in music"Day. All posts are permitted, but original creations by redditors are highly motivated. Submitters:Please operate the"I chose to make this"Exuberance, selectable when posting, to recognize your tracks. Do not a dick.No bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, trolling, flaming, and the like etc.Be oriented! There's an easy 4 song limit.You must wait 30 minutes somewhere between sets.We have this rule to be sure that everyone gets a chance to dj.If a spot stays empty for 5 min's, in a position to step up.If snoo eradicates you, ask a mod tp prepare it! There isn't really a queue.Our room is provided for free for all, simply whoever clicks fastest gets the dj spot. (Mention:When the room is absolutely active, we will sometimes on holiday turn on the queue, but this won acquire place often. ) Afk djs to get removed.You most likely be active while on stage.Unless you chat or vote after 10 minutes, you'll be escorted off stage.If people pings you, answer to let everyone know that you not dead!For those tired or busy, most likely shouldn be djing. Need not spam.Posting the same message tons of times provides for booted.In case you are homepage posting a link, make sure you inform you what it is, and mark it as nsfw as needed.Do not use url shorteners.Don express memes. Examine the recently played songs.It gets kind of annoying if the same songs/artists are played again and again.You can see what has been played in the previous couple of hours by clicking the room info tab.If you choose play a long song(7 minutes if not more), Try to keep your future songs short. Make sure your songs are tagged correctly and are not low quality.If you are youtube rip of"Untitled"By mystery, don very impressed if a mod asks you to skip it: ) We occassionally have a bot named snoo around to enforce these rules.She will escort you off stage when you've played 4 songs, and confirm you wait 30 minutes before djing again.You probably find something you enjoy! I remarked that in between when this post was made, and i managed so that it will into the room, you realized that free for all rooms are a joke and taken a queue.Definitely good. Ffa rooms are good for rooms like the ambient/chillout/trip hop room where the majority of the listeners just afk. I spend a considerable time hanging out in a room with a queue and we have a ton of interaction, but moderation is essential for this.Even with a queue taken, without dedicated small amounts, the room will be full of afk botters just hoping to get dj points, and not giving a shit issues they play, and they only receive upvoted mostly by afk audience members with auto voters, just like how the people on this subreddit rarely listen to the songs getting posted.They just upvote the ones they recognize and go straight to your comments ought to.

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