tibransbackcoのブログFibromyalgia is usually misunderstood as a variation of arthritis that has symptoms like whole body ache, anxiety, memory loss, fatique and even depression in some cases. Recently, the medical community has released a study paper that indicates that fibromyalgia sufferers have a higher dose of Substance P - a neurotransmitter that transfers the pain sensation - and a lower level of somatomedin C - a chemical responsible for promoting muscle health. Other substances that have irregular levels include serotonin, nor-epinephrine, dopamine, adenosine, phosphocreatine.

The #1 Truth - "Men get fibromyalgia as well". In reality the number of male fibromyalgia patients are increasing at an alarming rate.

Truth #2 - Fibromyalgia can happen to any one regardless of age group.There is a high probability your fibromyalgia symptoms root from childhood. A recent study releases a paper that shows that more than 3% of children with rheumatology has mild symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Truth #3 - Fibromyalgia is not a variation of arthritis.It is absolutely not true that fibromyalgia is a variation of another ailment. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed with a series of trigger points and its symptoms vary from depression to anxiety and pains..

Truth #4 - Fibromyalgia is not an imaginary ailment stemming from unreliable doctors.This is one of the most frustrating things plaguing the fibromyalgia community. Fibromyalgia is not a psychosomatic disorder. Due to myths contradicting this statement, the knowledge of fibromyalgia is quite shallow as fibromyalgia was only indoctrinated as an official ailment in 1990. However, nowadays there are multiple diagnosis that can accurately determine your fibromyalgia levels.

Truth #5 - Fibromyalgia has no cure. Well, at least at this stage there is no cure for fibromyalgia. However, there is a plethora of fibromyalgia drugs that can treat the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. Since there is no one treatment that suits everyone, you can choose from acupuncture, exercise and pain killers. You can also opt for alternative therapies like cognitive therapy, massages, supplements and just control the symptoms through acceptance.

Truth #6 - Fibromyalgia sufferers should exercise. Many people regard fibromyalgia as an ailment that prevents exercise but on the contrary you should exercise often. Just be slow and keep a cool head.

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, don't fret because fibromyalgia can definitely be treated. The first step to a cure is to visit your doctor to get a full body diagnosis.