rolex watches

The Timex Corporation is a descendant of several important nineteenth-century American clock and watch manufacturers. These manufacturers were instrumental in the development and distribution of the first ever wrist watches as opposed to pocket watches.
The demand for watches worn on the wrist rather than carried in the pocket first surfaced during World War I, when, due to circumstances at that time, wrist watches were noted for their durability and ease of use whilst on the move or engaging in physical activity.

Today, Timex watches continue to be noted for their durability available at an affordable price. The Timex methodology focuses on both innovation in design and the continuous improvement of wrist watch functionality made possible through the companys investment in technological advancement. This strategy, coupled with their reasonable pricing strategy, have ensured that Timex have stood the test of time.

The Timex Expedition WS4 is Timexs response to the increasing demand for multi-sensor designer watches and was originally launched in 2009. Initially available with a rubber strap and base colours of black, blue and yellow, but now featuring a range of no fewer than six base colours and with Velcro and rubber strap; this watch range quickly became a firm favourite of outdoor enthusiasts this is no surprise considering the watch was developed in consultation with Mountaineers.

Not wanting to narrow down their market, Timex ensured the WS4 would also appeal to Urbanites through its aesthetically pleasing, cool and unusual dashboard design of the watch face. This has proven to be a welcome addition to accompany the ultimate functionality epitomised by the watch.

With the demand for gadgets with seemingly limitless functions and possibilities now greater than ever, the WS4 does not disappoint in terms of function. With features such as an altimeter, a barometer and a compass plus the fact that the watch is waterproof up to 50m, has a 100 hour countdown timer plus a stopwatch, together with a night light, the ability to forecast the weather as well as display both altitude and barometric pressure.

It is no wonder then that the watch was singled out by The Gadget Show, to be the focus of one of its famous reviews, during which it was described as a wrist top adventure instrument. Quite!

All in all, the WS4 is a great designer watch which has obvious appeal to gadget fans and adventurous types, whilst also proving to appeal to those looking for an oversized mens watch with a retro feel.