1) Team Size
A typical rugby team comprises of 15 players on the field at any specified time and 7 players on reserve on the sideline, though a regular league team comprises of just 13 players and 4 reserves. Rugby League manages a swapping system for reserve players with each team permitted to make up to 10 changes during the game. Rugby is different as players cannot go back to the field once they come off, with two significant exceptions for this rule.

2) Scoring
A try in rugby fetches 5 points, a conversion 2 points, a field and penalty goal are both worth 3 points. In rugby league a try is 4 points, the conversion is 2 points, a penalty is also 2 points and a field goal may be worth just one point.

3) Scrums and Lineouts
Both games have a scrum, though in rugby league, unlike the rugby, the scrum is not as disputed as it is in rugby, the total number of players utilized in the league scrum is also smaller compared to Singapore rugby boots. Unlike Rugby, Rugby league does not have lineouts. If the ball or player with the ball goes over the touch line, the opposing team is offered the “put in” for a scrum in the middle of the field where the ball crossed the touch line. Thus the touch line is usually not employed for possession as it is in rugby, with a couple of exemptions.

4) Tackling
Although the tackling technique is similar in both sports they're handled in a different way. As league includes a 6 tackle concept the rival team usually commits minimum players (2 or 3) per tackle for maintaining the defensive line bolstered for the following running play. In rugby a tackled player can draw many players from both teams for securing the ball. Rugby league also permits the usage of a shoulder charge, which is not permitted in rugby, it's via the shoulder charge a variety of leagues 'big hits' are found.

5) Advancing the Singapore rugby ball
This is where one of the major differences between the games occurs. Rugby league includes a '6 handle' concept by which they've 6 tackles to move the ball forward to the maximum extend. At the 5th tackle the ball is generally kicked to advance as possession will then be given away. A knock on, forward pass or infringement generally leads to possession being given away to the rival team. Rugby adopts constantly contestable possession, with players contesting the ball through rucks and malls whilst the game progresses around the field. Kicking is more open in rugby as 'ball in hand' or ball possession does not contain the same importance as it does in rugby league.
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