sanrio special biscuit collection


hey !

i am so happy to write a new post !

it s been a long time here !

so i want to tell about the new cute collaboration with the cute chara of sanrio!

the brand s name is morinaga (with the angel), and available in all the mall, store,etc...

just for the information ,i bought the chramy kitty oneラブおねがい

almond cookie ラブラブ

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so when you make your shopping you can find the adorable sanrio charaラブ

i begin with the most popular one

hello kitty always for morinaga biscuit marie (natural(no butter,..ahem爆  笑))

21 biscuits by pack.

cinnamorollおねがい my favorite one i have everything with cinnamorollラブラブ schedule book, note, case, pencil,...音譜

this is the mapple and butter biscuits one.






today i make a review on the new bb cream of the famous korean brand etude house, i am an unconditionally fan of the bb cream of etude house i tested the first version and all the new version until now. so first, what is a bb cream ?

a bb cream is normally use before the foundation for protecting your skin against the make up AND cover your skin imperfection.

i think the etude house bb cream is the most popular product in this brand (with the cushion powder). the etude house bb cream make the most powerful cover of all the world, lol, joke. But, it s make a real great, perfect cover, when i have acne, red buttons or anything i use this and all disappear ! you look like more whiter more fresh, not tired at all, well a really great bb cream.




what s the difference between the new and the old ?

in reality…nothing, the result it s the same, the color too. just the composition who look like more liquid and the fragrance (fragrancem)that s all and thank s god, for the same price ! (my wallet is happy !)

results 5/5

it s always my favorite bb creamm-4

by byem-1

missha super aqua creme review


hey !

today i make a review on the ice tear cream of MISSHA

composed with sea water, prune and coconut oil. this cream promise a super hydratation perfect for autumn.

i use this cream after my serum and lotion.

for this cream it wasnt a cream with a lot of effect just a great hydratation. concerning that it make a great work, i remark my skin is more beautiful and refresh m-2



concerning the texture. it s a creamy texture, easy melt into your skin.

i really wanted for this autumn a simple cream with one or two effect only, i was really afraid if its work or not but it s not a super perfect product but it s a great product who make his work.

result : 3/5



i hope you like my review if yes please like itウインク