aha cleansing oil


new review ラブ
today , it s concern the aha brand, particulary the oil cleansing.
Sorry for the picture I forget to take my product please don t fight! えーん

Packaging : love おねがい with the color of the apples juices ラブ concerning the utilisation it s a pomp . For me, i press two or three times for wash totally my face.  

Remarks : he promised no buttons, make your face more clean, easy to use.thats all and not so bad for just a cleansing product

What i thinking : ラブ love. Firstly the fragrance oh my god ! The fragrance remind me the fresh apples of my french garden ラブ . Secondly, he make a deep cleaning, after i constat that i had no buttons at all ! Finally it s a really great product you can wash your face your eyes , everything lol. I recommend this product ウインク

Result ドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキハートブレイク 4/5

Sorry , for the short review but don t worry i have a lot of review who waiting ! ニコニコ
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softymo cleansing collagen c


hey ! 
today i make a review on the cleansing of the softymo brand .

packaging : japanese lol. makes like a very serious brand like medicine stuff. i love the mix between the blue and white colors, it works everytime. The blue shapes remember me the cloud in the sky. Not a bad packaging.


Remarks : this cleansing makes two things wash and remove the make-up, fully even if your make up is hard to remove. Now, what i thinking, first, avoid the waterproof makeup, or wash your face 3 times for remove the make up fully. Next avoid the eyes !! Avoid the eyes !!! My god this cleansing ! If you have the misfortune to put in your eyes, pray! Lol. No more seriously, when the product is in contact with your eyes its so hurt! That make the principal bad point ! If i want a cleansing i don t want to paid for two of us! And next bad point , he don t make a great product for washing the face, i don t see the two-all-in one who promised. 
But he cleansing your face , it s not a bad product, he s cheaper, wash your face and make your face fresh.


Result : ドキドキドキドキドキドキハートブレイクハートブレイク 2/5

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