sana soja mame eye cream


Hey ! I love this heather it s like the summer ラブ
Well.. This time i make a review on a popular brand in japan sana . I choose this product because is the same collection that the excellent cleansing with soja and rice . 

Packaging : simple and soft


Remarks: well the first week i was remarked a little amelioration under the eyes but that s all. It s a product very light and i don t constat his effect so... 


Results 2/5ドキドキドキドキハートブレイクハートブレイクハートブレイク



je l aime amino disney collaboration


This time i make a review on the limited collaboration with disney, the brand je l aime it s very popular in japan and i wanted to try it but... One bottles of shampoo 8$ (´Д` ) too expensive for me so i was very happy to find a beautiful set collabo you have the choice between, i don t remember all of it, the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, rapunzel, aladdin and alice in wonderland! Offer with a cute mirror !口笛

Packaging : sooo cuuuttee thats one reason why i love japan even if you are an adult you can buy a lot of cute, children things like hello kitty, pokemon, snoopy and disney ! Anyway i love the packaging color blue sea and of course the characters the bottle it furnished with a pump and it s a big one 400ml !!!! ニコニコ


Remarks : first you have the choice between the effect of the shampoo and i take the damage care effect because of the sun, the pollution, stress my hair is not as beautiful as before ( my skin too ショボーン)anyway, i try the blue one and...and.. The fragrance the FRAGRANCE !ラブ It s look like the sea with exotics fruts oh my gooood !!!  But, concerning the effect well.... It s not a strong product or a product who seen the difference between before and after , i mean , i don t remark a changement just a little and the fragrance ラブ. So, if you want a great product i prefer you recommend the tsubaki line, je l aime it s a little maybe for the girl who don t make brushing , etc .... Who have natural hair おねがい

Results : ドキドキドキドキハートブレイクハートブレイクハートブレイク2/5 



layering spring 2016


Hello ! 
This time i present my layering of this spring ラブ please enjoy it ! 
1Aha cleansing oil by cleansing research.          2Rosette acne wash for washing my skin.          3Hadanomy collagen mist yes i have not finish yet it s make a verrrrryyy long time begore i finish it       
4Soy mame eye creme
5effaclar duo + by larocheposay 
6firming Collagen creme by mizon

Sorry i was promised a fashion review but when i gone to ario for buy the new scawaii it was out of stock えーん