Engraved, almost double the current exhibition on the watch re-watch the first high-level topics. Patek Philippe launched the retro ChronometroGondolo watch, a copy of its structural style of the classic 1920 watch, but the shape is full of subversion, to the round barrel. "In fact, the return is not a simple re-engraved, but with a modern tribute to the history of watchmaking." Just returned from Basel and Geneva, jet lag has not yet had time to comment on the domestic senior watch homemade Wei, more willing to use the "return" to sum up this surprise. Indeed, in 2007, they have to watch from the top of history and classics for inspiration. Chang Wei said that he was most impressed by is the Breguet launched in Basel Classique7027, inspired by a 18th century autograph Breguet pocket watch, complete using ancient techniques and configuration, the movement is from the tabulation plant their own design and production, spent four years of research and development. "Looks like a copy, in fact it is the movement of technological innovation --- as microfilm into the watch pocket watch movement, itself a manifestation of the magic of modern watchmaking."

From another perspective, the senior watch the retro trend is the result of the introduction of new technologies. According to another country experienced watch expert, had five consecutive exhibition Kang Weikai, during the launch in Geneva Lange Lange31, on the chain after each time the power reserve of up to Swiss Replica Watches one month, breaking the 2005 record of Vacheron Constantin 250 hour record, and this spring force of the great, but once again the magic of the traditional spring key enabled.

As the Swiss Watch Foundation President Frank said, referring to the senior watch product rather than brand. Chang Wei, explains, in the field of Haute Horlogerie, the brand is no longer a constant standard, but rather emphasize the art products, such as the exquisite enamel, replica watches sculpture, engraving and crafts. And in terms of design or limited, and can be comparable with the art collection-level clocks, double this year in Switzerland show a trend reflected Watches, for example, inspired by the ancient masks of Vacheron Constantin arts series, limited to only 25 each .

Respect for the traditional process are unprecedented, general industrial production is no longer a high-end tourbillon watches advertised gimmick, especially when the mid-range and fashion watches started when using the tourbillon, the major top brands start looking for those old, secret movement factory, and even talented independent watchmakers, they made the movement unique personality, weird, and yield very little, is in line with international consumer trends, such as Harry Winston, please separate the system from Winterthur table division AndreasStrehler design Opus7 is the case, and last year's Opus6 limited only 6, also introduced this year TourbillonGlissiere personalized design is taking the route.

Swiss watch is fairly famous