Heart lengthy



Who is in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the millennium in flying? Who, in gazing at the drunk Rouge tears? Who, in the romantic themes in telling the sadness? A Qianxiang do excuse me who early memory, Set up Business in Hong Kong dream of the autumn cloud and staged a scene where the world vicissitudes, misty rain still wander like painting poem in Tang Dynasty, lonely dream drunk in the song Rouge painted hall Pavilion. Remember the old meet, such as twilight is drunk, a little rain in the evening, the number of branch Begonia door ring, heard two or three prostitutes. Spring in the pear, play pool Yuanyang, the wind make shadow, only know the first dream, to flowers, to who? Jiangxi monthly, according to hall, calligraphy in words, outside the castle peak white sail, how to teach language: sorrow! A fragrant sleeves, added a new thin, know, know, you are what a graceful song.

The only way is ordinary, walking in the rain you song, bit by bit, dense, wet peach Liulv, wet blue boat Huage, wet the Jackdaw oblique diameter, wet water profile people, but also wet to my party Jin Jian letter. Farewell ferry, hong kong company register is to separate the horizon, looking back at the candle of black hair, that a smile, Mana Naonao, before painting the Yi Nian branches, flower, a frown, even thousands of downtown, east wind broken, scattered into the mud, but also in the time of the latitude meandering liuxiang.

Lengyue silent, smoke curl of a sigh, a Luo Shan light woman, hand a former palace lantern, melancholy to move in the wind shadow, a road, follow the ancient Ci poetry rhyme graceful walk. Dancing writing water woman, the sorrow of parting, drink another cup, drunk, but the spring March memory. Lonely walk on water, indifferent, body ascend the steps of light cloud, how to register a business are bringing their earthly containing one one removed, the dress face breeze, the fingertips of arm and whose youth?

Every word is setting a life sketch, suffused with the ripple...... Review, myriad prosperous has fallen as much as. Perhaps, do not know; perhaps, clear; perhaps, dilution; perhaps, dignified; perhaps, perhaps, perhaps sad; anxiety;, pale yellow; perhaps, Dan; perhaps, purple Cha; perhaps, Yanhong; perhaps, all the feelings, all colors, loose your flavor text, burns on my the eyes of your heart, frozen.
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