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Jan - Apr:

- be well-prepared for the exam.
- be more exam-driven while studying; get the marks!
- do not dare to sleep away any morning and afternoon
- beware of the time spent on reading articles that are useless for the exam (stop browsing facebook pages! not more than 1 hr per day! just catch up after Apr!!)

- reject all the invitations! (not going to the reunion even when he initiates it and gets everything done!)
(except for the coming lunch date and HKACC exhibition)

May - July:

- plan for trip to Japan
- be prepared for interviews
- find a better job = better paid
- learn japanese
- read read read read!
- explore cantopop (wild goal :3 )
- learn photography!
- cook more rather than baking!
- go to disneyland twice before the annual pass expires
- score at least 7.0 in ielts? (well, $1,700.... ought to earn this amount before taking the exam.)

- blogging?


- yeah... haha.

After Aug:

- who knows what is going to happen!
- stay in hong kong?


- spare more time to read (complete the list of books on my to-reads!)
- spend less on food and spend wisely on clothes, esp. accessories!
- borrow > buy books
- keep fit
- sleep earlier

** add more / edit / delete any items only AFTER Apr!
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Wowee! I'm using Candy for the first time. I feel so young suddenly.

\Young Forever!/

Because only teenagers are gathered here:p (?)
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