Long ago when the ancients were lonely
when the fruits of the seasons were blooming
I can hear a single voice calling
Calling me far in my soul today

On the way to find who was colling
From my heart a dance would show me your
light and pull me far away

Throughout the times I tried find a way
To see sach other and reach out to you
still I try and believe I'll find
The truth in my Soul Mate.

I'm losing sight in your storm
Won't let that feeling be gone
But I'm lost I cannot see you

I'm crying out don't be gone
I've done it all on my own
Now won't you show me love's truth.

In the ice of the storm
I move I'm blind and alone
I am lost I cannot find you

But if my light is gone
And when my soul moves on
I will send you my love

Believing I'll find
What I'm hoping is mine
In then with my Soul Mate


Far away it seems ever passing
Falling leaves of the trees ever dancing
Falling in while the seasons are moving
I an walking in its light today

Closing in is the voice everlasting
Rolling on is the song that whispers
Your voice and pulls me far away

Drifting down I'm reaching out to you
I'm walking still will I find you through
On my way I will never give up
Looking for that Soul Mate

Through your water I'll fly
And with my dream now held high
While our hearts meet they will carry on

Yet if the morning I wake
I rise and carry that weight
I will look in your love's truth

Moving away in many dreams I will play
many scenes I see of us two.

But if my time has all gone
If my dream has moved on
I will kneel in your love's truth

Believing I'll find
And still hoping it's mine
With all my love Soul Mate


I see a star in your night
I pray for you through it's light
Can't you help me see when I have you

We are the people of love
Forgive what is not right
Let us call on our love's truth

Make it now it's yours
And keep in your heart your cause
And your love's light will always find you

I'm crying out don't be gone
I've done it all on my own
Now let us show our love's truth

Believing we'll find
What I'm hoping is mine
With all my heart Soul Mate