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Cheryl Cole receives first page apology from Currently Now magazine has produced a most visited page apology to Cheryl Cole upon it happened to run a false history about a connection between the vocalist and Master of ceremonies Harvey. The publication has admitted Cole didn't exchange e-mail addresses with the artist but explained he had happen to be sending announcements to a "calculated" hoaxer pretending to be Cole. The Girls Out loud star has long been awarded problems and legal costs. The front cover with the latest problem reads: rs 3 gold "Sorry Cheryl, there was no romance through Harvey - brought home it incorrect." Legal cases began with February The coming year but was resolved yesterday morning. Cole famously loved Twitter to help you deny the storyplot of a appeal with the earlier So Good Crew participant after the end of the girl marriage to be able to footballer Ashley Cole. When it was first printed last year, she wrote: "Was the 'relationship' happening in your mind @harveyofficial?" An apology contained in the magazine proclaimed the Feb . 2012 piece of writing, which promoted she together with the musician - whose true name is Michael Harvey Jr - has a secret bond, followed many hundreds emails spanning a six-month period between what was deemed MC Harvey, Cole as well as her woman. "We are now pleased that the email messages from Cheryl and her woman are not legitimate," all the apology read. "They appear to be the work connected with a calculated and also meticulous hoaxer masquerading as Cheryl what individuals went to amazing lengths in order to deceive Mr Harvey." The idea continued: "What happens to be clear is that there was no relationship in between Cheryl and Ervin runescape 3 gold and we were definitely wrong not to accept Cheryl's refusal." Now publication also apologised to get a "embarrassment" and "upset" brought on. Following the newsletter of the apology, Cole issued a photo of this magazine covers on her official website, advertising Now "liars" and she also written on Forums: "#nowmagazine #expensivelies #muggedoff #whohaseggontheirface?" Cheryl Cole attracts front page apology coming from Now
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