Seriously, I can't wait to the release of My Favorite Monster. It touched my electronic heart. Some people may feel disappointed of it. However, I don't give a fuck about them. I like it and that's what I care about べーっだ!

Ok...I'm bored  (vacations...come back to me soon(T_T)



  Well, I haven't written too much here, so I'll do this more often :D . Since today is maya's birthday (in Japan), here are some photos of me making some cosplay of him. I'm not the best, but at least I try to do so .

and...kissing Jake of Adventure Time


that's all


P.S: Happy Birthday maya! I'll be waiting for you with some bread and ham 

  Long time I haven't been here. During these days, I've been fighting against one of my demons. One who came to my life last month. I'm talking about the one who made friends around the world by torturing and killing people with a fake promise of eternal beauty. I'm talking about Bulimia. 
  I started with a deep feeling of rejection against myself. I started to feel ugly, fat and disgusting. In order to not gaining weight, I started to throw up some food. However, this became worse the day I got disappointed about a guy to who I liked so much. Then , the problem increased. I threw up all the food I ate. The last week, my mom talked to me. She was worried about me. She noticed something strange on me. After many times of denying my situation, I had to admit it and being able to be on therapy. I'm currently doing so and I'm starting a new period of my life. I know it won't be quick, but I'm patient. I can do it.

  I'll post something else tomorrow, since tomorrow I'm going on winter vacation