Autumn leaves in Kyoto is very famous and a lot of tourists come to Kyoto to see this. Now is the most beautiful season so  I decided to visit Kyoto in a daytrip as usual.


Tokyo to Kyoto by night bus as usual.

And arrives at Kyoto in the next morning.

Have breakfast, ride on a bus. Start walking from center of Kyoto.

First destination : Yasaka Shrine.

This shrine is very famous for Gion Festival in July. Let's go.

Beautiful autumn leaves can be seen...

Beside Yasaka Shrine is Maruyama Park.

Next destination is Chion-in.

Famous for this old gate, has 400 years of history.

Then I go to Kodaiji Temple.

The road to Kodaiji Temple has good atmosphere.

Arrived at Kodaiji Temple.

Next destination is Kenninji Temple.

Then visited the famous...Sanjusangendo.


Sanjusangendo is quite famous for more than 1000 Buddhist statues inside and this really makes us amazed. But pity it is prohibited to take photos inside here. PLEASE visit Sanjusangendo when you visit Kyoto, you will never regret.


Next destination is Arashiyama, today's main course.

Arashiyama is quite famous for beautiful autumn leaves.


You can take Hankyu Line to Arashiyama.

As Arashiyama is quite wide, I borrowed a bicycle.

The famous Togetsu-kyo Bridge is near.

After going over Togetsu-kyo Bridge, really many travellers are walking across streets.

Now I visit Daikaku-ji Temple.

Then visited Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

And visited Nomiya Shrine, this shrine is especially for lovers.

Then I visited Jojakkoji Temple - I haven't imagined this temple's autumn leaves are SO beautiful!!!

...after really enjoying this scenery, I visited Tenryuji Temple.

...Great, really great.

After having dinner, I visited Kiyomizudera Temple at night - to see the light up autumn leaves that can be seen only in this season.

Now I am heading back to Tokyo. Above all can be seen in daytrip!

Autumn leaves of Kyoto is wonderful... Seeing is believing!