Keep Smiling....Be Happy!!!
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2013-06-03 07:04:57

...Winter in New Zealand...

...Hello Everybody...

Maji de watashi nor blog wa osashi bure desu!!!!!
Hontoni minna san gomen nasai..

I have been in Nz, just working on my farmヒツジ
Its been really busy time...
I wasn't able to go to Japan this seasonショック!I missed Japan so much and I was really sad not to be able to go my second home!!!!!I missed everything about Japan so much-the snow,my great awesome and kind friends,food,and of course my favourite drink in the world C.C Lemon!!!!!べーっだ!
I LOVE JAPAN.....But I will be back again soon!!!!I promise...

Anyway,Nz winter is coming really soon
I am really looking forward to snowboarding again,i missed it too much!!!!!ドキドキ
So if u are coming down to New Zealand this winter please let me know and lets go shredding together!!!!and then enjoy a beer after ridingグッド!



2012-10-19 17:33:15

...Can u Beleive this?????...amazing!!!!

...Hello Everybody...パー

Can u beleive it???Powder in October???
20cm dayo!!!maji yabai desho

Today i went up to Mt Hutt with my good friend Ryan Grice目

Now mountain is closed but we have snowmobile so we can still enjoy amazing powder!!!!雪

...Heres some photos that we took today...

Keep Smiling....Be Happy!!!

...Naughty boy...Out of bounds...

Keep Smiling....Be Happy!!!

...Smacking the pow pow..

Keep Smiling....Be Happy!!!

it was really amazing powder!!!!雪
Kyou nor uki was sagoi karui deshita....Hontoni Nippon nor uki dattayor!!!

Still we have plenty of snow so we can ride for long time yetグー
Maybe tommorrow we will build jump for us to film and photo shootべーっだ!

Still N.Z winter is going!!!!10gutz dayo!!!shikemor mada 3m uki arimasu!!!Yabai!!!!!!!


2012-10-14 19:47:47

...What a day!!!!..

...Hello Everybody...パー

Today was such a good day!!!!
グッド!40cm of new snow and sun<雪
Today was final day of the season in Nz得意げ
But from tommorrow we will start to build jumps and use snowmobile for snowboarding as now lifts are closed..

Todays snow condition was really good!!!!グッド!It was like winter powder雪

This season has been really awesome!!!!Kotoshi nor Nz season wa sagoi youkatta desu!!Kyor wa Mt Hutt nor saigo dakedor 3m uki arimasu!!!!!!!Yabai.

Shikemo kyor wa 40cm powder dassy!!!!!!saiko deshita!!!!!!!!!!!

....Todays shots...

...Pow pow slashing...

Keep Smiling....Be Happy!!!

In the afternon I also rode main park but today just 1 jump was open because of the 40cm of new snow..

Here is a photo of the rail section in the main park..

...Frontside boardy...

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