DOWИ BY LAW (It's a sad and beautiful world)

DOWИ BY LAW (It's a sad and beautiful world)

based on a true story.

to be played minimum volume.

NOISE SQUAT 2021【8月】
・ASSASSINATORS『Demo, Seven Inch And Compilation Tracks + 4Tracks』
・DEVILS『Beast Must Regret Nothing』
・DIRTS『The Dirts』
・SLIPKNOT『R.I.P. JOEY (Me Inside vol.2)』

ACTORS - Love U More

Revenge Of The Damned/血塗られた野郎ども #2

DISC 1 (1976-1984) [78:38]
01. Love Song [Machine Gun Etiquette]
02. Machine Gun Etiquette [Machine Gun Etiquette]
03. Sick Of This And That [The Black Album]
04. Politics [Music For Pleasure]
05. Hit Or Miss [The Black Album]
06. Disco Man [Non-album single]
07. Smash It Up [Machine Gun Etiquette]
08. The History Of The World (Part 1) [The Black Album]
09. Fan Club [Damned Damned Damned]
10. Feel The Pain [Damned Damned Damned]
11. Neat Neat Neat [Damned Damned Damned]
12. Don't Cry Wolf [Music For Pleasure]
13. Melody Lee [Machine Gun Etiquette]
14. New Rose [Damned Damned Damned]
15. Ignite [Strawberries]
16. Generals [Strawberries]
17. Stranger On The Town [Strawberries]
18. Dozen Girls [Strawberries]
19. Thanks for the Night [Non-album single]
20. I Think I'm Wonderful [Damned But Not Forgotten]
21. Wait For The Blackout [The Black Album]
22. Lively Arts [The Black Album]
23. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde [The Black Album]
24. Life Goes On [Strawberries]

DISC 2 (1984-2020) [78:40]
01. Democracy? [Grave Disorder]
02. Manipulator [The Rockfield Files]
03. Not Of This Earth [Not Of This Earth]
04. Under The Wheels [So, Who's Paranoid?]
05. Alone Again Or [Anything]
06. Eloise [Non-album single]
07. Sonar Deceit [Evil Spirits]
08. Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren't Dead) [Grave Disorder]
09. I Don't Care [Evil Spirits]
10. No More Tears [Not Of This Earth]
11. Street Of Dreams [Phantasmagoria]
12. Shadow Of Love [Phantasmagoria]
13. Is It A Dream [Phantasmagoria]
14. The Wind Blows Your Hair [Naz Nomad & The Nightmares//Give Daddy The Knife Cindy]
15. Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow [Evil Spirits]
16. A Riot On Eastbourne Pier [Fun Factory]
17. Thrill Kill [Grave Disorder]
18. Nature's Dark Passion [So, Who's Paranoid?]
19. The Portrait [Anything]