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World Water Festival MA•TSU•RI 2022
16th Sunday – 17th Monday October, 2022 (Japan Time)



Opening Ceremony ( YouTube Free )↓




Tetsu Shiratori - Film Director (English translation below Japanese)
He is an actor and voice actor with 9 theatrically released films that question humanity's way of being to approach to the global environment.
His 23 short films which are in line with the vision of the "Earth Revival Project" are being paid forward for everyone to watch for free.
The film "INORI - Prayer" won numerous awards at international film festivals, including the Grand Prix at the Manhattan International Film Festival in New York City. And it was shown in theaters for 3 years and 3 months, making it the longest-running film in Japan.
He is currently promoting the realization of his vision along with film production by holding an online room called, "On-Okuri (Paying-it-forward)".










TETSU SHIRATORI Official Website http://officetetsushiratori.com/en/

The Film “SoseiII~Love and Microorganisms~” http://officetetsushiratori.com/sosei2/en/

The Film “The Readings”http://officetetsushiratori.com/readings/en/

The Film ”Revival”http://officetetsushiratori.com/sosei/en/

The Film “Inori”http://officetetsushiratori.com/pg222.html