I do not know much about politics. And frankly, I do not want to know about all those dirty tricks, lies, intrigues …

Yet, due to comparatively recent events I have started to read online news from around the world in the languages I can understand. Based on that information I decided among other things, that

1) since Trump I do not work for American companies any more. (I have not had a single pleasant experience working for American companies over the last 30 years anyway. Obviously they consider foreign freelancers as a form of slave labor. I would like to see the 'white, male, American married with family freelance translator rejoicing when getting a job paying less than in India of the past)

2) I do NOT work under ANY conditions for Chinese companies (I believe, the reasons for this decision do not need to be explained any more by now).


I am sure, my decision and the little notice it gets does not change ANYTHING in this dirty world, but I still wanted to raise my tiny voice at least once.