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Finally I got the French VISA !!!
It took so longtime !!!
Thank you for supporting me all of the people !!!


Londonから帰国後約2年余りどうしても未だ海外で頑張りたい気持ちが捨て切れず、ずっと模索して参りましたが、一年程前からFrance Paris行きを目的に定め虎視眈々と準備を進めて来ました。


Make up 
Masayuki Tanaka

I heard the sad announcement...
He was super star for people around the world !! How much was affected me ...
Of course his  music is fantastic!! However, it was great fashion and Make up as well ...
I've been learning french since last summer !!
So, i was learning french as usual today at a cafe ...
And then suddenly , A madam to called out me when learning french..
Madam said, I also learning french and good luck on your french !!

it was surprised when she has been talking to me.

However, i felt to so happy !!

I'll try my best !!