Fri, December 04, 2009

Let's Talk Release Dates

テーマ:Joshua McQueary
Okay, I know this isn't part of the development side per se ...
But I'm sure you guys would like to get some news anyway.

I have for you the release dates for both the UK and Europe! Americans, you are just going to have to wait a bit for the announcemnt.

ANYWAY, the release date for UK is ... May 28th, 2010! ('tis a Friday)
For all of Europe, it is one day earlier ... May 27th, 2010! ('tis a Thursday)

Well, there ya go! Now, for the English version of the demo as well as the American release date, just stay posted and you'll get that date soon.


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Wed, December 02, 2009

The Dev Side: Part 1

テーマ:Joshua McQueary
My name is Joshua McQueary and I currently work as a level designer (or Level Designer, gotta capitalize the name) in Kojima Productions (or kojima produc ... nevermind).
If anybody reading this listened to the previous KP Report, I said that I was going to be joining the Kojima Productions Blog.
Well, here I am!

I would like to talk about the dev side a bit and maybe even give some of you guys a sneak peek at some stuff.
Right now I (and my team) are developing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and it is shaping up to be pretty good and darn fun.

Actually, I have been playing the English Demo version that is scheduled to be out ... sometime.
It is coming along nicely, so stay tuned for that.

Well, I'll be writing a lot more about Peace Walker and other bits of information, so check back often!

- Josh

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