Attendees: 18 members and 2 guests

Opening remarks & Guest introduction TM Mariko Misaka

Thought of the Evening TM Kazuko Iwatsuki

Word of the Evening (Exhilarating) TM Kasey Yawata

Business Session:

*Christmas Gala on Dec. 4th, 2012 at filia in Omotesando

Report of the district fall conference held on Nov 17th & 18th

Toastmaster of the Evening TM Rieko Ichiya

Grammarian TM Kasey Yawata

Am-Uh Counter TM Mariko Misaka

Timer TM Hiroko Yamakawa

Vote Counter TM Yasuyo Sato

Prepared speech session:

1. Project No. 4 “How to Say It” TM Ayako Hirota

Title: Be sensitive to words

2. Project No. 5 “Your Body Speaks” TM Raphael Toyama

Title: Honesty pays

3. Project No. 7 “Research Your Topic” TM Taeko Hayashi

Title: Top priority for happy life

4. Project No. 9 “Persuade with Power” TM Miki Saito

Title: Why Japanese men are unpopular among women

5. Entertaining Speech Project No. 1 TM Drian Van Golden

Title: Ready for it?

Evaluation session

1st evaluator TM Mari Kanno

2nd evaluator TM Akiko Yuge

3rd evaluator TM Hideki Hashimoto

4th evaluator TM Akemi Maruyama

5th evaluator TM Ann Sado Honjyo

Best speaker: TM Drian Van Golden

Best evaluator: TM Akiko Yuge

We had an exhilarating Speakerson meeting with five

speakers with various projects.

The meeting was held in a school format style which

gave us a different atmosphere.

It was very fun, inspiring, and educational meeting

with funny stories or surprising facts presented by

the speakers.

Attendees: 17 Members + 5 Guests

Opening Remarks & Welcome Guests 

President Atsuko Karakasa

Thought of the Evening 

TM Yasuyo Sato

Word of the Evening TM. Rafael Toyama 

Sophisticated” and/or “Sophistication”

Business Session 
TM Atsuko Karakasa

(District Fall Conference Nov. 16/

Christmas Gala on Dec. 4 at “Fillia” in Aoyama)

Toastmaster of the Evening
TM Mari Kanno


TM Rieko Ichiya

Am-Uh Counter
TM Ryuji Yokoyama

TM Hideki Hashimoto

Vote Counter 
TM.Hiroko Yamakawa

Table Topic Master: 
TM Ayako Hirota

Prepared Speech Session 

1st Speaker 
TM Ayah Kakinuma

Project No.4 "How to Say It" 

"How to grow our seed" 

2nd Speaker 
TM Kasey Yawata

Project No.5 "Your Body Speaks" 

Title: "How to Rescue Youngsters from Harmful

Electronic Devices" 

3rd Speaker 
TM Akiko Yuge

Project No.7 "Research your topic"

"What is the Meaning of Poverty?" 

4th Speaker
TM Mineko Hasegawa 

Advance Manual "Speaking to Inform"

#2 Resources for Informing 

Title: "History of Paisley"

Evaluation Session 

General Evaluator

TM Miki Saito

1st Evaluator 

TM Mariko Misaka

2nd Evaluator 
TM Atuko Karakasa

3rd Evaluator 
TM Ann Sado Honjo

4th Evaluator 

TM Kazuko Iwatsuki

Best Speakers:

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Hiroko Yamakawa

Best Evaluator: TM Ann Sado Honjo

Best Speaker: TM Akiko Yuge

Attendees: 14 Members + 3 Guests

Opening Remarks & Welcome Guests

President Atsuko Karakasa

Business Session President Atsuko Karakasa

(Division B Table Topic Contest/District Fall Conference/

Christmas Gala)

Thought of the Evening TM Mariko Misaka

Word of the Evening TM Miki Saito


Toastmaster of the Evening TM Mineko Hasegawa

Grammarian TM Miki Saito

Um-Ah Counter TM Taeko Hayashi

Timer TM Kasey Yawata

Vote Counter TM Ayako Hirota

Table Topics Session TM Masako Kuroda

Prepared Speech Session

1. Project #4: How to Say It TM Raphael Toyama

Title : "Humor saves us all"

2 Project #6: Vocal Variety TM Mari Kanno

Title :“Ore Ore Swindle and My Mother”

3 Project #3: TM Akemi Maruyama

The Entertaining Speaker /Make Them Laugh

Title : "Just a Moment! Is everything OK?"

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator TM Rieko Ichiya

1st Evaluator TM Ayah Kakinuma

2nd Evaluator TM Atuko Karakasa

3rd Evaluator TM Yasuyo Sato

Best Speakers:

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Raphael Toyama

Best Evaluator: TM Ayah Kakinuma

Best Speaker: TM Raphael Toyama

We had a fruitful meeting in spite of less attendees.

Lineup of Evaluator is changing from seasoned members

to new members.

Being Evaluator is a valuable chance for new members

to listen to the speech more carefully and try to understand

the meaning of it more clearly as well as practicing to make

an effective evaluation.