JH1LPZ DX Daily Activities 久保田直己
  • 20Jun
    • AA CNDX on 20m

      The propagation on 20m for All Asia Contset is VY FB enough.Currently the pathes for EU and W are simultabously open.Signals from EA, G, EI and W6/7 are all RST 599.

  • 06Jun
    • 4U1UN on CW

      4U1UN has started QRV on CW 14027.5.I have seen several reports about 4U1UN on FT8 but this is very 1st time to hear onCW mode in a decade.My last contact with 4U1UN was held in 2001, almost two decades ago.Though pile-up is still too heavy for me to get this station, I'm very grad to see that a chance for QSO has revived.

  • 30May
    • WPX CW on 10m

      The path on 10m between EU and JA is open now.The following stations are herad for WPX CW TEST. 9H1XT HA9RT YU7EE etcPlease check the propagation on 10m.

  • 23May
    • Finally Open to AF from JA

      Today CNDX b/w AF and JA is very fine.I got 5R8UI and 5Z4BU on 20m Phone.They are strong and stable, RS59.Anyway I have managed to make QSO with OH0STAYHOMEand I have comleted with all the statuions from OH1STAYHOMEto OH0STAYHOME.Thanks for making QSO with me in this difficult time !!

  • 20May
    • East Coast on 20m

      I have not heard signals from the east coast of US for a long time, but FB CNDX has finally come back!!On 20m CW, I made several QSOs with stations in NY, CT, etc.Their sig are real 599.Not DXped but very exiting.

  • 16May
    • Path on 20m between EU & JA

      Currently CQ of LZ50BFRA on 14014 is heard.The signal is mostly 599.It seems that the short path on 20m between EU and JA is open 24hours.

  • 09May
    • 75th Anniversary

      Congratulation for 75th anniversary of the victory against fascism in Europe.I made QSOs with many stations having "75" in their callsigns not only in Russia but Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech and Britain.

  • 02May
    • BxCRA

      BxCRA (Chinese Radio Amateurs Club) are QRV from all over the country till May 7th.Now they are very active on CW and FT8, 10 - 20m.B2CRA page on QRZ.com says "Due to COVID-19, CRAC called for all amateur radio operators to stay home to fight for the Conoravirus situation. "

  • 25Apr
    • QSL thru BURO 2020/04

      The following QSL arrived today thru BURO.3A2MD 2011/084X70IARC 2018/05D73F 2019/07HF100ZHP 2018/06OF9X 2018/12OG0Z 2014/02OJ0Z 2019/07

  • 19Apr
    • 8J1RL 0n 17m

      While the regular bands are busy for MM test, 8J1RL is now QRV on 18080 and hearing QSX up 3.Here in Tokyo, the signal is coming from SWW 240 degree.

  • 12Apr
    • High Band CNDX for JIDX Test

      While all of us are in home, we can enjoy JIDX.Even though we are on the bottom of the cycle, several stations are heard on the high bands such as VR2, V8 on 15m and many DUs on 10m.I'm looking forwards to making QSOs with EU on 20m later today.

  • 09Apr

      The several OH stations with the sufix STAYHOME are QRV on 20m.I got OH1, OH2, OH3 and OH6 on CW mode.In addition, OH5STAYHOME is on 14074 FT8 mode.Stay home and protect yourselves.

  • 04Apr
    • EU - JA Open

      In the mean time, the short path on 20m between EU and JA is opened.I made QSO with PI4DX on 14012 and F5IN on 14031.Their sig are really 599.Let's stay in home and make QSO.

  • 29Mar
    • Propagation for WPX

      Now 0505Z in JA, signals from EU on 20m are getting stronger through the short path.EU guys, please beam to the north pole.

  • 21Mar
    • T6AA

      T6AA started QRV on 21023 and moved to 18073.His signal is very strong like a local station, RST599 in Tokyo.

  • 15Mar
    • TO7DL on SSB

      Finally TO7DL started QRV on SSB,Now they are on 14171 and hearing QSX 5 up.The signal is a bit weak but enough to make QSO.

  • 12Mar
    • VP2VB

      VP2VB was making many QSOs on 14195 with JA for more than 1 hour from 22Z.PJ4NG was also very strong with RST599 on 14001.I hope the season of DX has come back.

  • 06Mar
    • TO7DL

      TO7DL, the station from Reunion Isl operated by DL guys, is now QRV on 14021.JAs calling on 14023.5 are being picked.up.Though VP8PJ was QRT, DX can't stop.

  • 03Mar
    • VP8PJ on 30m

      VP8PJ is on 10105 and making QSOs with JAs.The signal is strong enough to making QSO here in Tokyo.After 10 minute calling, I got them with my 2 ele StepIR.Mylast QSO with South Orkney was in December 2002 with LU1ZA.18 years have already passed since then and the new one on 30m.

  • 01Mar
    • Ogasawara

      JD1BON is now very active on 10123 CW.The short path to EU on 20/30m around 07Z is very good, so try to find him.