JH1LPZ DX Daily Activities 久保田直己
  • 15Dec
    • TX0A OC113

      The team has moved to OC113 and very active these days.Now they are QRV on 18070 and QSX up 1-2.


  • 09Dec
    • TX0M OC297P on 17m

      TX0M started giving opportunities of QSO on 17m.Now they are on 18070 and picking up QSX 18071.In addition, they are on 14260, too.

  • 08Dec
    • TX0M OC297P

      For all IOTA enthusiasts.TX0M is now QSV on 14260 and listening QSX up on 14268.QTH isOC297P Morane Atoll, French Polynesia.He is mostly picking up JAs but sometimes be focussed on SA.GL.

  • 25Nov
    • Zone 8, 9 for WW on 20m

      This morning, the propagation with Carribean Sea is very good. I got J8NY, PJ2T, PJ4A, ZF1A and more.

  • 23Nov
    • EP6RRC thru LP

      EP6RRC on 14030 through LP is now really 599. The propagation of LP is very fablous. I expect open with EU and AF a few hours later.

    • A35EU on RTTY

      A35EU is active on RTTY this morning. First they appeared on 17m and now QSY to 12m. Hope many digital mode enthusiasts can get them.

  • 22Nov
    • Many Caribbean Stations

      This monring in JA, the propagation on 20m with Caribbean sea is VY FB.I just contacted with PJ2/G4IRN on 1412.5, PJ3/KU8E on 14023 and VP2MUW on 14047.

  • 17Nov
    • A35EU on 17m

      A35EU operated by EU team is now operating on 17m. When I heard them first today, they wereon CW, but after QSY to 18143, SSB is now being operated.Most of callers are JAs. Hope propagation for NA & EU will be opened later.

  • 04Nov
    • EU on 17m

      The propagation on 17m is fabulous. Many EU stations are heard especially on CW from short path.

    • Z23MD thru LP

      The strong signal of Z23MD is coming from the east direction. I'm looking forwards to hearing EU stations from LP this evening.

  • 03Nov
    • YJ0GC on RTTY

      YJ0GC is currently QRV on RTTY 24919 and QSX up 1. He was on 10m RTTY before 12m. Today he seems mostly to be on high bands RTTY.

  • 01Nov
  • 27Oct
    • WW on 15m

      The propagation between EU and JA is very fine. All stations of EU for WW are RS59 through short path.

  • 26Oct
    • VP6D on 30m

      VP6D is now QRV on 10105 and taking QSX up 1 - 2. Though it is mid night in JA, the signal is very strong.

  • 25Oct
    • VP6D

      This morning in JA, VP6D is heard strongly on 18069 and 21023. Full swing. Good luck all.

  • 13Oct
    • E6Y

      Currently E6Y is QRV on 24893 and 28020. Listening QSX up 5. Both of the signals are very strong in Tokyo.

  • 08Oct
    • New JCC 4037

      The brand new JCC 4037 Nakagawa City was born on 1st October. Now JR6ITD/6 is QRV from Nakagawa City on 7009. Of cource I have contacted him in order to keep my Worked All Cities Award (WACA).

  • 06Oct
    • 9X0T

      The signal of 9X0T operated by JA is now heard on 14300 from the east. Split up 5.

  • 30Sep
    • VK9XT

      VK9XT is now QRV on 18135 and listening 5 up. Just a few JA are calling.

  • 29Sep
    • FB sig of 9X0T

      Season for long path has just come. The signal of 9X0T is heard from the east, 90 degree. I'm looking forward to making QSOs with EU & AF this afternoon.