JH1LPZ DX Daily Activities 久保田直己
  • 23Jul
    • JW0W

      Signals of JW0W have been heard in the daytime of JA.On 22 July, the station was making QSO on 14220 Phone around 06Z.Today 23 July, he is staying on 14027 CW since 01Z.

  • 30May
    • FB CNDX on 6m

      Since the mid of May, the condition for DX on 6m has been very fabulous.Just with mybarefoot transeaver and 15mH 2ele yagi, I made QSO with the following DX stations on CW & SSB.BA8,AG, BD4TSBU2EU, BV1EPDU1DHL2DBP, DS1MFC, DS3OMAVR2BLEE, VR2XMT, VR2XZLXV1X, 3W1T, 3W3B

  • 15May
    • Good CNDX

      The propagation is back!Now the condition on 15m - 20m is fabulous.I was able to make QSO with VU on 15m, several EUs on 20m, so on.All of them are real 59.

  • 11Apr
    • Path for EU

      In recent days, 07Z - 09Z on 17m & 20m are fablous for QSO with EU stations.In addition, around 15Z on 40m, many EU can be heard just with my DP.CNDX is very good between EU & JA, so EU friends, please beam to the far east.

  • 21Feb
    • ARRL Contest on 20m

      I'm takeingb part in ARRL Contest on 20m.In the mean time, I managed to cover most of the western states such as CA, WA, OR, NM, TX, MT, AZ etc.In addtion, the mid north staes, MI, MN, IL can be contacted.Unfortunately the condition is still not good enough for the east coast.

  • 14Feb
    • WPX RTTY

      I took part in WPX RTTY contest.Though the condition was not good enough to make QSO with AF nor western EU such as G, EA, CT, 20m band between 14070 and 14120 was fulled with many stations of EU.Anyway the condition of 17m was good and I was able to catch HH2AA around 23Z just with 200W power.Looking forwards to the cycle peak.

  • 10Jan
    • 20m CNDX

      Between 06Z and 10Z on 8th Jan, I was able to made many QSOs with EU on 20m via the short path.They were UA, LZ, I, G, EA6 etc.Mostly SP, but sometimes LP was better.The cycles have just hut the bottom and the condition started getting better.

  • 31Dec
    • Special Calls of JA

      Operations of the following stations with the special callsigns will have finished by the end of 31th Dec 2020. Now 8N1Y is very active on 40m. 8N1ABIKO 8N1Y 8N6SHURI 8J180TSU

  • 29Dec
    • New Year Stations from Russia

      Several stations in UA lamd to celebrate the new year 2021 are running now.Yesterday (28th Dec), I made QSOs with the following stations.RL21NY, RC21NYCurrently I have found that the stations are still making QSO.RC21NY on 14013RL21NY on 14010RA21NY on 14014RZ21NY on 14019

  • 13Dec
    • ARRL 10m Contest

      Since the morning of yesterday I have been watching 10m for ARRL contest.While many strong VK stations are heard, signals from SA such as LU, CE are rarely heard.Even southern asian station like 9M are not strong enough.And no EU, no AF.Hope the condition will be better next year.

  • 29Nov
    • 8Q7ZO for WW CW

      On 29th November, the signal of 8Q7ZO started to be heard on 15m around 02Z.Now he is making CQ TEST at 28010 and his signal has been booming.I belive that the propagation between AF, Mid East, EU and JA on 10m will become good enough for the contest.Please beem to JA.

  • 27Nov
    • Condition on 15m just beforer WW CW Contest

      WW CW contest is just around the corner.In this morning in JA (27th Nov), the condition on 15m was very good.Signals of several Caribbean stations were heard between US stations.In addtion, the condition between SA and JA was excellent.The signals from PY and CE that I made QSO with were really RS59.Looking forwards to joining the contest.

  • 22Nov
    • JD1 Minamitorishima Isl.

      JD1 Minamitorishima Isl is being activated again.In the mean timeJG8NQJ/JD1 is making CQ on 7002.After 15 min with QSOs with JAs, no one has called back to him.Please check this frequency soon.

  • 14Nov
    • 7Q7RU on High Bands

      7Q7RU appeared on 15m CW around 05:30Z today.After 15m, he moved to 10m and now (07:20Z) is making many QSOs with JAs.His signal on 10m is much stronger than 15m, and realy599.Due to COVID-19, most of DXpeditions were canceled, but paths for DX on high bands exist.

  • 01Nov
    • Good CNDX on 17m

      Today 17m band is hot.Several US stations have been heard almost for two hours.After that, TX0T has appeard on 18074 and a heavy pile-up is going on.

  • 25Oct
    • WW Phone Day 2 in JA

      October 25th is the 2nd day for WW Phone.My highlight was the good propagation on 15m.Around 1Z, I was able to contact with many SA stations such as LU, PY, HC, ZP and CE.After that, the condition on 15m moved to the south asia and the mid east like VU, 9K, A4, A6 and A7.Right now, 06Z, tons of EU stations are heard on 20m through short path.I made many contacts with stations in Zone 15, but the condition is not good enough for Zone 14.

  • 24Oct
    • WW Phone Day 1 in JA

      WW Phone started on 24th October.Between 0Z and 3Z, the propagation to NA and SA from JA on 20m, 15m and 10m was very fabulous.Especially signals of US stations in Zone 3 and 4 on 10m were really RS 59+.Amazing opening at this timing just after the solar cycle hit the bottom.When it comes to AF and EU, 20m was the best.7Q6M was heard from 90 degree through the long path.But the short path was better to make QSOs with EU stations than LP.

  • 17Oct
    • TI2JS on 15m

      Around 00:40Z, TI2JS started making CQ on 21275.In spite of heavy QSB, his signal was heard in Tokyo almost in a half of hour.In addition, several SA stations like LU were herad.The news that the solar cycle has already hit the bottom seems real.

    • TI2JS on 15m

      Around 00:40Z, TI2JS started making CQ on 21275.In spite of heavy QSB, his signal was heard in Tokyo almost in a half of hour.In addition, several SA stations like LU were herad.The news that the solar cycle has already hit the bottom seems real.

  • 11Oct
    • SAC Phone

      20m condition through the short path for SAC Contest is very FB now.I have made several QSO with OH stations.And the following rare stations were found.JW4O on 14.2279OH0V on 14.1930OH9T on 14.2940