Okafor plans to remain in Wizards

"I plan to remain in Washington next season," Okafor said. "I continue to hope that next season for the team and I think our team is a lot of potential. Stay healthy into the playoffs next season, a good chance cheap nba jerseys ."

Okafor signed a six-year, $ 72 million contract in 2008, under the contract that he can opt out of his contract before the start of the 2013-14 season, his salary this year will reach $ 14,490,000.

This season, Okafor is the team played 71 games, starting 69 games, averaging 9.8 points, 9.0 rebounds and 1.1 blocked shots.

2012 NBA Draft

Damian ward in overall (5)
Is hard to think a player was 5 overall is a steal, but I think when it said so much, damian ward will be one of the top players in the draft. He is a shooting guard and silky smooth jumper who can score at will. What makes he and other defender is when he can find a near-perfect balance score, when to pass. He is a great pick-and-roll player, lamarcus aldridge should thrive in Portland. He is and absolute bolt in summer league, expect more of the same case from him in his entire career. His ability and his amazing achievement will court vision does remind me of Allen iverson, what can he do in his early days.
Terrence Jones overall (18)
Jones is another mixed striker can play small forward and power forward position. He can do almost everything, from the points, rebounds, defendeing to pass, and more. He is also a very good ball on the leading edge of the handle, so he might play a small forward position, and then in the frontcourt antd every now and then. With a number of forward in rocket squad, now we can only hope that Jones got minutes he deserved. Because of this, I don't think Jones will break through 2012, but on the way, I really think he can become its like josh Smith.
Jared's Lin Jie - choice overall (21)
Jared's Lin Jie - pick a slide in the draft due to health problems, his lack of forward only size 6 '9. He didn't baall processing or speed sliding position so forward to small forward t will is he played in the NBA. Nevertheless, Sullinger is still a highly skilled players after an above-average NBA games, a good jumphot, and an ability to pick up. Ability and low body bang, is the middle jump shot makes him a valuable asset. Because the celtics had

(Flyers’ forward Danny Briere poses for photos following a workout on Oct. 1, 2012 / Photo taken by Randy Miller, Courier-Post)

With baseball winding down and football in full swing, it’s becoming evident there’s a sport missing – the National Hockey League (NHL) is currently in yet another lockout. It’s the league’s fourth work stoppage in 20 years – losing more games due to strike than any of the four professional sports in North America.

Not only are the cheap Hockey Jerseys fans suffering from not being able to watch their favorite sport, but the image of the league is suffering as well.