Alpha Vape Wholesale E liquid Review


Alpha Vape was founded in 2013 by a guy named Sam Rosenberg in California. They specialize in fruit blend e liquids and they are extremely detailed in their subtle flavors that they add in their blends.

Miss White- Miss White is a fruit blend of sweet raspberry and dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is usually a very light flavor, so the e liquid is not very overpowering. In Miss White E liquid you will taste hints of exotic fruits and flowers. This e liquid has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30 so you will be able to chuck plenty of clouds while having really good flavor at the same time.

Mr. Miyagi- Mr Miyagi E liquid is a papaya and plum flavor that has a light but extremely tasteful flavor. The combination of the two fruits give it a sweet tropical flavor while experiencing the plum flavor on your exhale.

Manchu- Manchu is a mango and guava flavor and is one of the best e liquids that Alpha Vape manufactures. The tropical flavor combines the guave and mango into one mouth watering flavor. This can definately be an ADV as it will not overpower your taste buds with its amazing flavor.

Sweet Tooth- Alpha Vapes has moved on to dessert e liquids with this one. Sweet tooth is a combination of Vanilla, Graham cracker, and cookies. This flavor is a spot on sugar cookie and Alpha vapes hit this one out of the park. 


Check out this youtube review to check out a more detailed review




Adam, from interviews Matt from Charlie Noble E liquid. Matt is the director of Research an Development for Walker Trading Co LTD, which is the parent company that owns the e juice lines Charlie Noble E Liquid, Ten Bucks Juice, Vape Dojo, and JMFD Liquids.

The Story Behind how they got the Brand Name Charlie Noble was quite unique, Charles Noble was a British merchant service captain. When he disovered that the smoke stack of the ship was made of copper, he ordered his crew to make sure it was always clean and shiny. From then on the galley smokestack was referred to as the "Charlie Noble" in the maritime world.

Their other lines are pretty straightforward, Ten bucks Juice is 50ml for $10, Vape Dojo is 100ml for $19.99, and JMFD Liquids are a line of e liquids inspired by the JMFD mod that is made by one of the owners of the company.

Matt's first e cigarette was an NJOY kit from a convenience store, he has come a long way from that and is now a captain of his industry with 4 ejuice lines and global distribution of his vape juice wholesale.


The ASD Convention was in town in Las Vegas this week. They took up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center. The Convience store section, tobacco, smoke, and vapor section took up the entire first floor of the south hall.

There were hundreds of vendors in the smoke section, lots of glass pipes and different smoke shop accessories. Kratom had a presence among the vendors, but even more of a presence was CBD vendors, cannabidiol. CBD is extracted from industrial hemp and has been recently touted that it has certain health benefits from curing epilepsy in children to helping peoples anxiety and migranes. 

The vapor section was very small but there were several vendors that made an appearance. Some of them were Pop E juice, Mt. Baker Vapor, The distributors behind strawberry cream (They had a new ejuice inspired by twinkies and had a platter full of twinkies for people to try), Vape Crepes, Hot Cakes E liquid, and last but not least High Voltage Vapors.

High Voltage has a new line of juice called Mod Milk along with a new CBD line. High voltage is infused with caffeine for a little kick in your morning vape. The mod milk line is a line of fruits and chocolate with creamy after taste. 

My favorite was the blue raspberry Mod Milk, it was the best blue razz ejuice i have tasted so far. Lots of people claim to have a good blue razz e liquid but it is a hard flavor to get absolutely spot on. This one was sweet and tart and just right.


This is a picture of the Mod Milk e liquid line, very nice design with the clear see through labels.


The High voltage e liquid line, the juice is very cleanly made, no dyes at all, the bottles are actually tinted and the juice is perfectly clear. Nobody likes a stained coil.


Here is a youtube review of High Voltage Vapors



High Voltage vapors and Mod milk are coming soon to




Popcycle by Aspire Review


Popcycle E liquid by Aspire comes in three different flavors, Berry, Vanilla, and Chocolate. I've only tried the Berry, so we will review it here.

The e liquid is very delicious, you can taste sweet strawberries and other random berries on the inhale with an icy and super unique popsicle taste on the exhale. I was very suprised with the popsicle taste on the exhale, something like that is usually super hard to do. They must have invested a lot of time perfecting this popsicle like taste because it is amazing.

You get a sweet lingerin taste in your mouth for a new minutes after you vape which is nice. I do not know if there is any sweetener in this juice but it is sweet and you'll definately want to chain vape it. 

I vaped it out of the Aspire Cleito 120 at around 90-95 watts and it was amazing. The cleito 120 has a huge bore mouth piece allowing tons of vapor to flow through it. I can still remember the day i first tried it driving to work. It was nothing less than amazing. A tank that can vape all the way up to 120 watts is crazy! I found the sweet spot with this juice around 90-100 watts, below that wattage in this tank, the flavor didn't come out quite as much.


Belowe are some pics of the juices

In the case of

Vanilla Caramel Popsicle

Chocolate Ice Popsicle


Berry Ice Popsicle

Wisconsin Dairy Co, the best milk comes from Wisconsin. They have the best cream and milk flavored e liquids on the market right now. Look no furthur, buy Wisconsin dairy co e liquid wholesale


Apple Pear Custard flavored e liquid

Banana Split Flavored Eliquid, just like a banana split from your favorite ice cream parlor



Berries and Cream E liquid, the best milky fruity eliquid for your vape shop. Awesome Vape Juice



Chocolate milk, tastes like it is fresh out of the jug. Get his e liquid wholesale today.



Pistachio Ice Cream, just like the ice cream from your favorite ice cream store. Get his wholesale e juice today.



Yummy root bear float, tasty root beer with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top. Get your wholesale vape juice today for your vape shop.


Check out the reviews of Wisconsin Dairy Company from youtube below




Air Factory E-juice


Air Factory E liquid is a brand new eliquid on the market in 100ml chubby gorilla bottles. it has two flavors.

Blue Razz is a blue raspberry taffy flavor that is very delicious

Mystery is a mixed berry taffy flavor that is very sweet and a good juice to vape.

This girl really likes Air Factory E liquid, she has reviewed it on camera for youtube.


Check out her youtube review of these excellent products.


Buying E liquid wholesale for your vape shop

Buying quality e liquid for your vape shop is a hard thing to do these days with all the choices of products in the marketplace. As a vape shop owner, you have to know several things about the vape industry and how to buy the best vapor liquids for your shop.

The first thing you have to know is what level nicotine your customers will be buying. These days most people are buying bottles of vape liquid that have 3mg of nicotine in them. This is because the new e cigarette devices on the market now are producing much more vapor than they were years ago. As a good rule of thumb, you want to buy two times the amount of 3mg nicotine level e liquid than the rest of your products when you are purchasing e liquid wholesale. Some vapers are still wanting 6mg of nicotine in their mods so you will want to carry those liquid products as well, but around half as much as 3mg ejuice bottles. The vaping enthusiast will sometimes buy a 3mg and 6mg bottle and mix the two, giving himself a 4.5 mg nicotine level in his e-liquid bottle. A "dripper" who has to drip the liquid on his coil every 2-3 hits will usually buy a 3mg nicotine and a 6mg nicotine vape juice bottle. He will then mix them himself as he is dripping the liquid juice onto his coil.

The second item you need to know when buying your vape juice wholesale is bottle size. 30ml e liquid bottles were standard until a few months ago, now the vape industry is moving towards 60ml e-liquid bottles. They have an average retail price point of $25. Some Vapor Liquids manufacturers are going even bigger and making 100ml bottles and 120ml e-juice bottles. By selling a larger amount of liquid in 1 bottle they can move more product and make a higher profit margin. This can be hard for the vape shop owner though because selling somebody a 30ml bottle every 2 days is much more profitable than selling a 120ml vape juice bottle every week.

The third item you need to get perfect is the buying the right flavors when you are ordering e-liquid wholesale. Brands are coming out with new flavors everyday and you have to be aware of them. Nobody likes a stale selection of juice at a vape shop. Some popular flavors these days are sour candy flavors, taffy candy, cookie and cake flavors, creamy milk, and fruity flavors. Strawberry is an extremely popular flavor and you usually can't go wrong ordering a strawberry vape liquid wholesale. Some popular brands are Sour Dream, Aspire, Air Factory, Wisconsin Dairy company, and Lost Art E liquids. Good luck on ordering your e liquid wholesale, it is a tricky thing to master. We reccommend buying from a trusted supplier that has hundreds of brands to choose from like Vape Supply Club. They have hundreds of brands of e liquids, e cigarette hardware, and accessories to choose from.