Only Kim Hyun Joong

Only Kim Hyun Joong

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 For overseas fans :  


 I got in touch with Oricon Service about the research process how they count alubum purchases on Oricon Daily/Weekly Ranking.


 Here are the answer from Oricon 

 1/  Survey :  CD/Album/DVD sold for Domestic market 

 at the stores designated by Oricon 

 ( Lists:


 2/  Survey does not take into account of those directly 

sent to the overseas because they only focus on the sales 

ranking in the domestic market.  


Therefore, you need an address in Japan so that you can specify where you receive your albums once in Japan, and upon receipt they will take care of delivery to your home in the overseas. 

Tenso offers exactly this service for you. 


1.  Click the following link and go to Tenso HP


Here is a chart of the flow.


2.  About the process 

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3.   Registration  ( you can choose Eng/Chinese/Korean) 


Sign up and key in your information, then you will get 

an address in Japan who receive your albums on your 

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For any questions,  please click the menu, then you will get 

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4.  Online shopping 

You can use any of Tower record, Amazon, Tsutaya.  

YESASIA and HMV offers an English website but still you need 

to specify your address in Japan first in order to reflect your shopping on Oricon Ranking. 


< Take my Hand > by SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong 



Yes Asia


Thank you for reading  a rough explanation but I sincerely hope that we all Henecia get together to give full support to Kim Hyun Joong

for his first albumn to be released from Henecia Music

Thank you. 


Translation of Kim Hyun Joong Talk during Encore
of the 21st (Premium Event Tonight, Oct. 21, 2013)

While you are enjoying the encore session, I feel that
your eyes are full of some expectation to me (laugh)
You have to concentrate on listening to my songs.
You are looking at me, listening to my songs, but
you seem to have something different in your mind (laugh).
With your eyes towards the top (of myself), you seem to
be thinking something different, don't you ? (audience burst in laugh.
( They are denying ? Someone shouted " it is hot, isn't it ? " )
No? Well if not, it is fine. (Many shouted " Please take off your
clothes ! ) I cannot touch the microphone ? (Even he just move
his hands towards the microphone, he looked as if he put them
on the button of the shirts for the audience .. lol)

I only move my hands to the top, you expect ..?

(In Japanese ) Iyarasii~~~ ! (i.e., dirty-minded,
casual expression which means something sexual.
Hyun Joong picked up many casual expressions during the
period he had SS 501 promotion activities in Japan in 2008.
In this case, he just played a joke, showing that he knows
well what you expect me during the encore like he did
yesterday )

Well, the next song is really today's last song. (dissapointing
voices from the audience ) Even you say " Eh ~ "
I have no more songs to sing anyway. The song I will sing
from now on maybe different from what you expect. I mean
that this is not the song which realized what you have
in your mind ( Eh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ why not? calls from the

Nande ~~~ ??? ( In Japanese, "Why ?" He wanted to say why
you do not take as it is what he mentioned. )

Anyway, I will sing this last song and move on to closing
speech of today. As I always talk, today's atmosphere seems
a bit different from yesterday. Today I feel a very
happy and cheerful atmosphere today. You seem to be full
of energy as it is still in the afternoon.

I hate to say goodbye with this song. But now I am
going to sing the last song.

Your Story (Japanese version in Unlimited album).

* Hyun Joong enjoys teasing his fans, which really makes
the atmosphere exciting and cheerful.


Only Kim Hyun Joong

credit: DATV shopping

Only Kim Hyun Joong
Only Kim Hyun Joong

New 3 songs repsresent Kim Hyun Joong's outstanding talents

☆ First-release A, B, C versions include 3 songs MV

☆ First-relaese D version includes 5 message cards with at-random selection

☆ Oridinary version includes a special photo book

☆ On every jacket, the serial no. to be used to apply for an event or

give-away ( clear file holder for free to each application)

DATV specialities : MV Making video

Pre-order : April 16 - May 14 (Tues) 10:00 am

Delivery : June 5 (the same day of the album release)

Event application ( Fireworks Festival Live on Sept. 15 & 16 )

Application : Serial No. attached to each album. You have to use the serial no. each 5 album

( A, B, C, D and ordinary version each) for one application

Deadline for application: June 5 12:00 pm ~ June 9 23:59 pm

With lucky draw, you will be ablet to the right to buy a ticket of the fireworks festival


" Kim Hyun Joong presents Outdoor Live and Fireworks Festival "

Title: The avove is a temporary one

Date Sept 15 (Sun) & 16 (Mon) national holiday in Japan

Venue Yokohama Bay Area

Price 4,800 Yen

For further information regarding the fireworks event

Universal Japan Music Cusotmer Service Center :

Tel: 045-330-7213 (81 45 330 7213 from overseas)

You can use the serial no. for entry for give-away , clear file with 3 different serial nos of

any album.

Only Kim Hyun Joong

Only Kim Hyun Joong

Only Kim Hyun Joong

Only Kim Hyun Joong

Only Kim Hyun Joong


Kim Hyun Joong was not in a condition to perform on the
stage on the second concert day in July, but he did and
sang " If you are like me 그대도 나와 같다면 " a cappella
as he did not allow himself to use recorded one.

He also mentioned in Hiroshima that he put full of his
love for the fans in this song now.

This is the message which appeared on the screen at the
end of the live during the Unlimited Tour.

In order to fulfill my dreams,
I think that I have been running without any rest.
走(はし)ってきた道(みち)を振(ふ)り返(かえ)ってみると 長(なが)い道
Looking back the path I ran through, it was a long way.
It seems that I have been looking just ahead of me.

However, I think that I have to walk the future path which
I cannot see how it will be, looking around well with
deliberate steps.
If you hold hands with me and walk together, I think that
the road I walk from now on will be much refreshing one.
つらくて疲(つか)れた時(とき), いつも Kim Hyun Joong のことを
信(しん)じて 好(す)きでいてくださる皆(みな)さんが手(て)を差(さ)
し伸(の)べてくだされば, 僕(ぼく)の手(て)は皆(みな)さんの手(て)

When I feel hard and tiresome, if you, who always believe
in and love Kim Hyun Joong, will reach out your hands,
I will never release them.

歩(ある)いてみましょうか? ゆっくりと ゆっくりと
Shall we try to walk ? Slowly, without any hurry.

* During the talk session in Saitama, he said that
he “cannot release your hands” ,
In stead of “ I will never release your hands “ .