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Back at YR after 2 weeks!!

Hello there!!

So today I am at Yellow Ruby for the day!! ニコニコ haha! Finally I get a day off from school and the long commutes to Kanda University (which is all the way in Chiba). I love my classes and my school, but I also love the occasional day off to come and be at YR! Speaking of class, I really wish I knew more Japanese!! Its frustrating not knowing a whole lot right now, but Im always trying to learn and remember as much as I possibly can. Being here at the store actually forces me to speak more Japanese than I usually do, so that is also good for bettering my language abilities. It is always good to get out of my dorm to experience Tokyo and it seems as though I almost always choose to travel to Harajuku haha!.... I just cant get enough of this area. Now I know why Gwen Stefani fell in love with the place. (She probably liked it even better with all the money she has to spend on the unlimited amount of fashion available here; im always holding myself back so that I still have money to eat and survive にひひ) Thank goodness I found Ayase station and the new train route that takes me directly to Omote-sando station without having to switch trains at all! Perfect!! Anyway, today I am having fun with all the friendly people who work here while trying my best to help out around the store. As I cleaned a bit I noticed some new items that were not here last time I came in to intern. I especially like the new YR bags! Today I only work until 6, so perhaps I will wander the streets for a bit before catching the train back for dinner at my dorm. If anyone cares to know - my dorm mothers food is rather good so I atleast always have that to look forward to at the end of a long day! Sooo I kind of really want to make a purchase today....haha so ill just see what happens as I browse (perhaps ill make up a lame excuse for myself on why I simply NEED something that I see?? ya, most likely...) Im not quite sure what they have in store for me for the rest of the day at Yellow Ruby, but ill soon find out!

By the way, I am very excited for my upcoming weekend - I am sleeping over at my friend Beckys host familys house on Saturday night after a shopping trip at Minami-Funabashi (Lalaport is what the aweomse and ginormous mall is called I think??) to pick up a few gifts. The following day I am going to Tokyo Disney for a birthday party celebration for my other friend Melanie!! Wow - a lifelong dream come true; those who know me well know that I love Disneyworld very much!! I actually just visited the one in Florida in January on my way down to Miami...coincidence huh? Im a very lucky girl and cant wait!!! Also, my good friend Chi from Kanda is having a Hawaiian birthday dinner party on Friday which is going to be so much fun. I have quite the jam-packed, but very fun weekend ahead of me....!!ラブラブ


First Day Back - FINALLY!!

Hello Again!! Its been quite some time since post #1.....BUT Im back; and im going to start writting a lot more often. So since my last time at Yellow Ruby I've been very busy with everything from school work and tests to showing my dad around Tokyo! I had a great time with my dad (who came to stay in Akasaka Intercontinental Hotel for 5 days last week) during Golden Week. I did, however, notice how much more crowded it was here, especially in areas like Harajuku. My dad agreed that the Harajuku area was awesome and also his daughter - like father?? haha anyway we shopping around and had some great meals. We had quite a crisis the first morning because my dad wanted an "american" breakfast BADLY, and there were of course none to be found.... We ended up eating bagels with cream cheese which he was not too happy about. The man needs his protein filled breakfast and the Japanese are not big on breakfasts like Americans are, im beginning to get the feeling... Anyway the next day we finally found this awesome French restaurant with beautiful omlettes and pastries. My dad loved it and we continued to go back for each morning he was visiting. Oh! I quickly showed my dad Yellow Ruby from the outside only because we were in the middle of pouring rain and he was already late on getting back to check out of his hotel! ah! ....but atleast he got to see where I intern every Wednesday!! He was very impressed!! He was actually impressed about my life in Tokyo and was proud to see how hard I work on a daily basis. He was tired from just riding the trains all day with ME navigating them haha! Im so happy he came because I so easily slip into a feeling of lonliness here in Japan since I am such a people person. I MUST feel connected to friends and family or I almost cannot function well at all.... The weekends are more lonely because the weeks are absolutely so busy for me - that I barely find time to sleep. I do love being busy thank goodness!! But sometimes enough is enough! All in all, im loving my experience in Tokyo and seem to learn easier and more efficient ways of doing things with every additional day in living here. I do miss America and everyone back home but im cherishing my time here the best that I can.... What a wondering challenge it is living here and not speaking much Japanese at all!!! AND... Im always up for a challenge...べーっだ! Im excited to get back to Yellow Ruby this Wednesday!!! Only two more action packed days til then!!


Hello! My name is Alexandra and I am working at Yellow Ruby while studying in Tokyo at Kanda University. I have the opportunity to help and observe the Yellow Ruby business in Harajuku!! I have been in Japan for exactly 1 month so far - but luckily have another 3 months left! I love fashion design; including the actual designing and also the business part that supports all of the creativity! I came to Tokyo to learn as much about the culture and way of life here as possible...I have always been drawn to this truly unique county. Even though I came here not knowing one word of Japanese, I am learning the language rather quickly with the conbination of Japanese classes and my everyday life routine of living here. My goal is to one day become fluent (this is going to take a while.... haha).