Don Silver, who is now fighting when snow Qinghe Highness Prince Imperial. TANG Yue-hua also introduces wireless door bell. Wireless door bell smiling slightly Qinghe salute to snow, hello, His Royal Highness Prince. For snow around to Xueke Qinghe, he is smiling, nodding and be greeted. They, after all, be the students, without much ceremony. If the previous wireless door bell, for Xueke this girl ever wanted to be close to their color will not leave to resign, but after a year's aunt taught, he has to understand how their true emotions buried deep. Snow Qinghe smiled. Xuan said they had heard the young girl out of door bell introduced himself after listening to look between the aunt wanted him to know the true identity while the aunt did not pay more for their own hide. Should Highness the Prince was very trusted. calm on the surface However, wireless door bell has been analyzed in the minds of many of his wondering who else would like to confess himself to His Royal.

Highness the Prince of identity and this idea just flashed in my mind over, soon to be wireless door bell pressed down, he knew, even snow Qinghe trust, now is not the time he needs to verify his father to guess, if the future really need to use the power of His Royal Highness Prince neighborhood watch, again he confessed too late anyway He now faces is how to be recognized and not returning the snow Qinghe also observed in wireless door bell, close it, he can not help showing more wireless door bell body of tranquil elegance attracted especially to hear TANG Yue-hua said that he is his nephew, is astonished As Prince, just as wireless door bell judgment, as he is a minority of people knew the true identity TANG Yue-hua. outside pass gossip TANG Yue-hua and snowy night between the Great, only But a joke.


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