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2009年12月03日(木) 23時48分13秒

Will be a student again

first thing u must say is... WOW! 叫び I look at the writing section of ameba, and so much change already. sorry, i'm hiatus for quite long time

So, the thing i should say is that i'm going to take a college again. メモthis time i take 'Special needs management'. It means, i will learn how to handle children with autism, dyslexia, etc. it's only Diploma (1) and more like as supplement for my teaching. I mean, i can gain better understanding as a teacher in normal school, where special needs students are visible. it's quite hard for us to take care them since we need extra time for them. you can't be fair, right. but hopefully, during my lesson, i can get the way to rid away this block.

ew, back to school means lot of works, right?
yes, lot of writing... メモ
as the result of taking school, i'll also be broke for a year.

Watashi wa koko kara BIMBOU desu

2009年11月01日(日) 20時59分38秒

too long in idle

i just realize that i am away for too long. so far i'm totally busy with the work. there are also many things happen right now. I can't share it here due to privacy matters パー

so, I hope everyone is well.
I become more and more slimmer. at least i lost 4 kgs since september. the life was so hectic and i can't help myself not to worrying and feeling tired 食パン

however, i'm happy with the progress at my website. It has a very slowly progress but it surely shiny. I admit that my time is very limited to update all the things there but seems i really have some loyal readers. And for me, that's the important thing. arigatou, minna! ドキドキ

sadly the shopping/amazon part haven't yet making money. i actually only wish to make $5 per month. かお

what else?
I need to get a new job. therefore I actively change and add my portfolios.
2009年07月11日(土) 01時53分50秒

good friends

テーマ:internet life
kinda crazy for these 2 days. i upgrade my computer. the technology was quite old, i can't manage myself to use any newer graphic program. in the end i stuck myself with 10-years-ago-program..

things are going pretty smooth.. except.. the wireless.. i cannot fix it. so every time I'm online, i need my LAN to be connected. anyway, so far, I've done putting all bookmark at my browser. I only need to take all my file from my laptop to my PC,.. maybe tomorrow...

It's kinda busy week for me... I don't really enjoy my holidays :(
but at least some important things had done...

ganbare, atashi!


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