I'm leaving jakarta

to taiwan, as what Ive told you before

I'll be having a flight by china air around 14.00 am Indonesian time, but I have to get there before 10 to have brieffing firstly あせる

patricia and tara will be going with me, as they are having same study with me

and ryan, brenda, and bella said, they would pick us up to there.. for the last time (?) hha.. sorry for brenda and bella cause we cant attend your birthday party. I hope we could..

and so, I hope no one would sent me any text or call my number because I will get roaming. I will contact you all firstly if I can have cheap way to communicateガーンガーンガーン

Ive packaged my belongings.. and its alot..

I bought lotta things also such as sunglass, sunblock, swimsuit [animal printed lol], etc.. and it costed alot hha. didnt think itd be that expensive DASH!DASH!

I hope Id get a safe flight, arrive there without nothing lessニコニコニコニコ

I'm gonna try my best to upload my blog so friends can know my condition there [like there are anyone read my blog? lol]目目目

and oh, I only can be on there on 8pm taiwan time. [gmt +8] for one hour only

I will open my MSN and Ym during that time I suppose.. グッド!

people who miss me, can chat with me there lol
and lets use facebook also. we live in digital world now にひひにひひにひひ

I will miss everything in here..
especially my doggy

duhhhhT____________T ガーンガーンガーンガーン

I need to cuddle him before I go sleep, cause he's so cute..

aaaa.. I love him ;A;

anyway, time to go. tomorrow I have to wake up early

I will miss you guys ドキドキドキドキドキドキ

I was almost deaf

because of stupid doctors ==

since 4 days ago, my left ear had been aching as the time passed..
so I went to a hospital near my old home, RSH [inisial]-daripada entar gw ditangkep kayak prita- and met Dr. C..

but he didnt look like a real doctor.. his room was messy and like hadnt been cleaned for months.
and he checked my ear while watching news headline also.. instead of checking, he was watching it more seriously!

after all, the doctor gave up.. and so he gave me some medicines and asked me to go back to hospital 2 days later..

but yesterday, my brother suddenly wanted to go fishing till night so I couldnt go to that hospital. I think since my ear just was brushed by water, I can go to a big hospital near my home. the inisial was RSGP, and met Dr. R

he said my ear had to wait for 5 days to be cured, but I couldnt wait cause on sunday I'll be heading to taiwan. so my mom asked the doctor whether he had some way to make it faster but safe

then he said I had to get a surgery (something like that) and I had to get anaesthetic also.. which scared me a lot is the doctor said he didnt have any responsibility whether my ear drum would be broken or not. cause he bet my ear drum had been broken already

but my family insisted that I still could hear.. and it couldnt be my ear drum was broken.. but the doctor kept on his opinion. he even asked me to do CT-scan thorax and took away my blood.. which wasted lotta money ==

later, my mom called her colleagues and family, asking for opinions. and then said that my case was small problem, why I should have anaesthetic? they said anaesthetic worthed at least 1,5 jt [around 150US], even I needed to pay for the doctor, heart doctor, the room. it can be about 10jt [around 1000US] just to find out whats inside my ear!

omg.. instead of that, I'd better have the money for something else which is worthed

and if I had to be deaf, Id rather to be in pain than be deaf. really.. ==

so on the way to go to RSH again to check once more, we turned away to go to RSPN in tomang..

at first it was hurt. but the doctor checked it well. finally after a hour.. I was completely healthy!! O___O

I didnt see what happened but my mom said that there was a possibility Qtips or cotton bud getting inside my ear!! (??????)

and now, I'm healthy~~~~~

but I cursed those doctors who had wasted my money! damn! >_>


Credits: stars.udn.com + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

F4's influence is really shocking! Korean version of "Boys over Flower" is currently airing in Taiwan, and led by F4 member Kim Hyun Joong, SS501's Taipei fanmeeting initial sales on the Dragonboat Festival was great, selling more than 90% on in 1 day.

After organizer Brook Brothers announced SS501's Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Taipei will be held on June 28 at Taipei International Convention Center, Taiwan fans have been excited, even Japanese, Korean and European fans have said they'll fly over to support them, all competing to snatch for tickets. This resulted in many fans queuing overnight outside various Rose Records stores, causing only 300 tickets to be left out of the 3100 tickets on sale on the day of the Dragonboat Festival.

According to representatives from Warner Music and the organizer, who flew to Korea recently to have a meeting with SS501, the members not only welcomed them graciously, leader Kim Hyun Joong enthusiastically invited everyone to eat the fried chicken he models for, Kim Hyun Joong's warm and generous nature, is as if Yoon Ji Hoo-sunbae from "Boys over Flower" appeared.


05/22 [info] Taiwan (6/28) Hong Kong (7/1) Fan meeting ticket purchase info

Credits : SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Hello. This is DSP Media.

Here are the information for 6/28 Taiwan fan meeting and 7/1 Hong Kong fan meeting.
We confirm the information as below.

=Taiwan Fan Meeting=
Date/time : 2009.06.28 (Sun), 7pm~ (3,000 participants)
Price : TWD 3,800 / 3,200 / 2,800 / 2,400 / 2,000 / 1,400 / 900
Date of ticket sale : 2009.05.28~
Ticket sale company : BBH-Brokers Brothers Herald
Website : http://ticket.g-music.com.tw
Enquiry hotline : 0800-000-802

I will be at taiwan from 21th june ;A; for 1 month

means I do have a chance to meet my lovely hyun joong ;A;

butttt... the ticket ;A;





"Baby i love you im waiting for you"


-dah gila-