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e' come l'altro... sembra un film di Maccio Capatonda... LOL


You call your self Vikings brave in battle, why then did you run & hide behind hollywood pretending your brave in movies. You let the King be tort youre raped & masterbated on by rapist, pedphiles & child abusers of t e xas & washington dc why becuase his queen is part African & Asian you all failed. You didnt even bring your king to training to protect himself he said what was acceptable Gi Gong then Akido. Now your KIng has been a mind control victim thats what is store for you all why thats why it was done to him to do to you & we told you that. signed The King & queen 1788inc.

strepitoso ... fantastico ... sempre alla grande sempre di più

when is it going to be released and is it coming to theaters or netflix or what?


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For Valhalla!!

Riccardo va all'infierno

No vabbè, un horror con Giada Robin! Fi-ga-ta.


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I do not know what to say... xD
ricardo va all 27inferno basketball
Riccardo va all'interno
I feel so unconfortable that i watched this nonsense.
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Well I've got no idea why I'm being recommended to this...
Viking vs Barbarian 😀😀😀
I can't wait to not watch this!
从预告片看,电影的质感还不如电视剧The Vikings的好,完全不期待,或者不如让盾女来主演
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