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poor jimmy even less cool than usually next to GRACE freakout JONES

They could have produced beautiful offsprings

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The music, the image, the concept, the voice, the face, the interpretation, the art direction, the execution. Just damn. Damn. DAMN. ART. And that f*cking profile.



Fantástica interpretación. Libertango es una obra del compositor argentino Astor Piazzolla. Fantastic interpretation. Libertango is a work of Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla..


I wonder if fires just randomly broke out during their sexual encounters.

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shes nuts i love her

One of the true original divas.... ✌️




Oh yeah I almost forgot they were a couple back then!


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Tu cherches quoi, rencontrer la mort, Tu te prends pour qui, toi aussi tu detestes la vie 
OMG look at GRACE Jones!!!! Beautiful as always......
She is divine!! Period.
Björk, Kate Bush and Grace Jones ❤ my Holy Trinity.
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She looks scaringly young.
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This is my favorite French nightclub song of all times!

That smile, that lips. She is just beautiful 😍
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Lol I was so fascinated with her growing ...She was the Strong 💪 Warrior women .... Great representation of A Strong Beautiful Black women ...She’s still fierce