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I'm French
Excellent movie. Loved the song with the closing credits sung by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill...Keep Your Eyes On Me!!

I was a bit confused at first until I got the very French Stylish joke of the way the characters behaved in the film. The funny jokes and moments thrown in the middle of tense scenes were very funny. Great cast and excellent weird French dark comedy. The best scene is the one at the end, where al the characters meet at the beach. It is both hysterically funny and moving at the same time..

Lord Jesus deliverer the blind, being lead by the blind -- speak to those in darkness to their spirits so they can be set free from the fantasy and lies of the enemy of their souls. Save all that turn to you . Read the real Book - God's Word - and call on His name Jesus - Yeshua - with a sincere heart - He will answer you. He saves and loves you!.


Read the book years ago and it changed my life. I litterally cried my way through the book because it was so close to how my life was going and what I was going through. I didn't realize how much hate and pain I had buried inside and the book showed me how to let it go..

Is this a Christian film

A few months ago my younger and only brother was shot and killed outside our home. My parents held him as he took his last breaths. The pain was and is unbelievable. It’s like a being stabbed in heart without being able to pull the knife out. I just have to learn to love with it and each time remember the knife sinks in further. I feel like no one cares, well only my parents. I feel alone. But at that time especially I felt just like this movie portrayed, wondering why god abandoned us, why he abandoned my brother. But along the way god has sent me and my family signs that he has never left. But doubt comes and I feel like I’m drowning at times. Although this movie is just beautiful I don’t know if it’s real fake but what I do know that it gave me a little bit more faith, enough to help move forward in life. I love it. I’ll show it to my parents someday but not now some scenes may be to harsh because even for me it brought back terribles memories. Although as I kept watching it a gave me back the hope that I had once lost. My chest hurts from all the crying 😭. I cried throughout the whole movie even at the trailer, probably because I held back these tears all this time. Although I haven’t thought about forgiving my brothers murderer because like the movie I’m not a judge I don’t know what that boy went through to push him to such evil deed. But whether I choose to forgive him or not won’t bring my brother back. It won’t return my mother’s smile, it won’t return my fathers sanity, it won’t return... my happiness....

@ Elizabeth Crecente so how am I trying to shame Mockturtlesoup 1? By offering my opinion to the questions that he posed? He/she asked why don't more people think/talk about this stuff and or do they intentionally not focus on it or something. Questioning ideologies/beliefs are definitely not disrespectful. I've personally questioned them myself, in regards to religion. So where did I say this was disrespectful? The intent, tone, and attitude in which a question is presented is what usually makes it offensive or not, not the question(s) themselves. And YES, I do believe that if we don't understand things we should, if possible, read and independently learn as much as we can about them before we ask others a slew of questions that we can find out/ gain comprehension of for ourselves. So, like I said, in MY opinion, we ALL should get as informed/knowledgeable as possible about topics before launching conversations and debates about them. And of course I do not fully understand or know everything about the topic, who does? I never pretended to. What a fatuous comment to make. I don't know how much more open minded I can be. I welcome, respect and embrace the religious beliefs or lack of religious beliefs of others, without forcing my personal beliefs upon others..


very beautiful! the harmonies are wonderful in this song. this choir has very talented singers..


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I never cried sooooo much this was excellent

Pastor Eduardo Gutierrez  😇
wow this movie was incredible .wasn't corny and totally worth our money!!! great plot and stirring!. cant say enough.. go see it!!! you will certainly learn how to have peace of mind and forgive!!! wow my husband loved it also! enough said!!!!!~!!!!wow chilling.
Never watched this movie, as soon as the trailer began, I cut it off.. You can't mix lies with a little truth, and expect ppl to repent.. I understand this is fiction, many cults, lies, come from adding and taking away from the Word of God.. This movie leads ppl to an imaginary God, Jesus, and many will die in their sins because of it.. William p young, and all those behind the scenes, God will require it of you, they may go to eternal hell, but Their blood is on your hands.. what a shame! From the looks of the movie, William P young, is a false Christian...

Great movie, but Sam did a terrible job playing down his accent lol.
beautiful move i loved...
Best movie ever