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You made IT into a Disney trailer. And made it work. F-Ing BRAVO!

Such a good edit. Footage and music are so in sync and I love it. Awesome work

you look a lot like riley dennis i was super confused


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Where is Reigns?
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At first when I saw 'B movie trailer' I thought u meant the Bee Movie then I realized u meant bad cheap movie lol
Me absolutely loving the romance trailer: God but why not Baymax x Tadashi instead
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In the parts you should’ve used “Our eyes will be on Coraline” from the other fathers song. And ik im late.

oh my god... I was thinking huh? at the musical ... thinking about oh there's definitely gonna be a song hmm yah definitely... AND THEN COMES OUT THE GREAT SHOWMAN and I almost choked on the Pepsi I was drinking. WOW.

For the horror, you should have included the part when the other mother looks up from the bottem of her web with her face looking like its crumpled paper. Or would that be to much?.

Shaw: literally slaughtered 20 UK cops, half a hospital, And Han. Dom: *Hand Shaw a cold Corolla* Wellcome to the Family, Fam Han: *AmIAJokeToYou.jpg*

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Where roman reigns..😎.....!

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Why do I not want to watch any of these. Editings good but I wouldn't want to watch any of these movies


Hobbs and Shaw vs Heimdall
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Tour! of. Mythicality... English. Film
So... the bad guy has super-powers? Laughing out loud. They need to cancel this film and just make Fast 9 & 10 happen and end of this franchise. No need for a spin off. They just ruined it.

Tour & of... Mythicality. Full & Movie, Online, Free
One scene as a comedy: Pennywise dancing MEME ME! MEME ME!
Isn't music from the fantasy one from Narnia
Watch... Tour, of, Mythicality? movie watch & online, in hindi
When LA Devotee started playing, I lost my mind
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This is the first I've watched your channel I've been missing out on so much also your really pretty <3
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If they used your marvel trailer I would've actually gone and seen it
Your trailers are ALWAYS the first thing I watched after waking up on Saturday’s. Thanks, Dani!
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2:15 does this remind anyone of the Burj khalifa scene from mission impossible 4.
Istg Coraline would freak me out as a kid and still does
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This is the best channel ever !
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PANIC AT THE DISCO LA DEVOTEE on teen comedy but the guy with jonathon young singing it

Oml I love this

This movie would be cool if it wasn't apart of the fast and the furious story.
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Came here ready to hate. To my surprise looks dope
Please do how to train your dragon 1 or two or both please!!!! Or please do a brave and how to train your dragon mashup
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