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"THE BLACKEST Day in Australian Sport", "Cheating Allowed to Fester", "Athletes Stood Down"; the headlines started rolling in and the country's shock grew as rumours circulated about a wellentrenched drug culture that had taken control of our proud sporting nation.The veins of untruth had pried their way into football, athletics and cycling. And in February this year national sports leaders frantically rushed to defend the integrity of their chosen code and reassure the public that the pride and distinction which underlined Australia's sporting history was still intact.Motorsport was no exception. The very day that the Australian Crime Commission released its findings from a 12month investigation into the widespread use of banned drugs in Zapatillas Air Jordan 12 Baratas Australian professional sport and links with organised crime, CAMS delivered a message to the motorsport community."We have a drugs policy and an antidoping policy in place, we are confident in both and our sport is very much aware of the consequences of illicit and performanceenhancing drugs," CAMS Chief Executive Eugene Arocca said in a prepared statement."In motorsport in particular, our competitors have an enhanced responsibility given they are in control of competition cars."CAMS has even worked with other sporting codes to ensure that our policy is bestpractice."It was a good message, because at a glance it's easy to see how motorsport is a natural draw for highflying adrenaline junkies craving highspeed excitement.

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