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What is the reason for the levelling up process in Yahoo Answers?.

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I don't know how I've never heard of Bel Powley but damn, she's married material..

The Polar Express.

name this song ?

1:03 Alison Hendrix..not again gurl

فيلم رعب وإثارة نفسي رائع وجميل قصته عن : أمرأة فقدت عائلتها في حادثة قتل وهي صغيرة ، لكنها لا تتذكر من الجاني ، ثم تفقد ذاكرتها في حادثة ، لكن بمساعدة الدكتور النفساني تبدأ بتذكر أحداث الماضي ، وتذهب لمنزلها القديم ، وتتذكر كل ما جرى ، حتى تكتشف أن القاتل هو عمها ، الذي قتل عائلتها كلها ، ثم في النهاية تقيده وتضعه في بيت عائلتها مع الجنيات لينال عقابه . فيلم جمع بين : الدراما والرعب والخيال والغموض ، تحت سقف فيلم واحد ، مما جعله جميلاً وفريداً في نوعه ..

am I the only one that felt like this movie copied Silent House somewhat?
Ellie touches my heart every time. What an amazing human being she is.


Not sure why this is labelled as a 'Drama, Thriller', not how I viewed it...for 40 odd minutes before I ditched it. More of a creepy horror type but without the gore, etc, with an unfolding premise that becomes a bit tedious. Shame, Abbie Cornish and a (current) 7.3 IMDB rating had me looking forward to it.
That music, 0:00 - 0:11 . Can anyone tell me what the music title is? Thank you!

the levelling (2016)


Mainly here for Colin❤❤


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This movie was just one boring cliché. Nothing special or even noteworthy about this movie unfortunately..


This seems like it could be similar to The Machinist
imo, It was a really bad movie, couldn't even focus on anything. bad lighting, bad editing. everything is distracting..
Looks good but the trailer gave way too much away...
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So this movie has Captain Hook, peter from narnia, victor dashkov from vampire academy and a girl from MIHigh (aka my childhood)!

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I just finished watching this movie, absolutely beautiful and worth watching. Cyrus and Carrie are so cute together, one day i hope to have a relationship like that :).
just watched it. it's a cute movie. the type of movies to watch very cozy with a cup of tea. the final line killed me tho... my god <3.
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Loved this movie


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What is the levelling system in call of duty modern warfare 3
So a fresh take on the Ring?  Well shot and acted but story line familiar
Colin ❤️️❤️️
Just watched this move. It's pretty good! Little slow in some areas, but it was realistic , and the acting is brilliant!!!!.

I was gonna watch this til I saw 0:50 to 0:54
what do u think is the levelling of ssc,cbse and icse % fair??