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Cat and Frankie. <3
posso te conhecer


where can i watch the whole movie of this film? Somebody know tell me please?.
Such a beautiful photography and colours, very esthetic ! Love your work !!.
¡Oh, por fin novedades sobre esta maravillosa película que promete! Espero y deseo que subáis los tráilers subtitulados en español... En los tiempos que corren todavía existimos las personas que no hablamos inglés jajajaja ¡Gracias de antemano!.

awesome movie!! me encanto! :)
This was an absolutely enjoyable cinematic work of art. I was on edge with the thought that the film would leave me with the feeling of despair that so many lesbian movies have before. Instead, I was only left with the despair that I cannot find a copy to purchase--fie, Amazon! I'll be rewatching this until my rental is up, certainly. But I digress, I loved this so very much and cannot wait to see what other masterpieces you have for our community in the future. A story well told..

Veo que a las mujeres les gusta ser mal llevadas, esa Franki es un desastre de mujer ni futuro tiene!!
Frank e muito sedutora . Mulheres assim me atraem
Where can I watch this?!
Tess: yeah, but the sex is crap.. I LOVE YOU!!
I watched the first 2 episodes of the first series and thought it was poor and was shocked it got a second series.Thats why I watched the trailer and commented.


What's the name of this song? 48:40

I watch the full movie. it's short but dem it wore me off I had to stop and take some air cuz it was wow intense intense. Gin is like OMG and together double OMG. way too much be careful hehe.

So, we see straight couples getting on all the time on TV. No one calls that porn, but as soon as it is same sex, sex, it suddenly becomes porn? Interesting..

Esse filme fala de que na realidade

Phantogram- When I'm Small

finally! *.*

Second episode this friday!!!!

yaaaaay i cant wait
Anyone know where to view/purchase this short film if you're in Canada? The Amazon link will only accept addresses in the USA when I try to pay..
38 minutes of insanely craving desire to freeze the time and slow down every second of this mesmerisingly bewitching love story, i caught myself on withholding my breathing, barely moving, hardly detecting my own pulse...that was surreal : the reality faded away, nothing else existed but the intriguying happening on the screen!  Astrid Ovalles' acting triggers a trepidation of the heart, the tonality of her unique voice is like a poetry, every movement of her body provokes the internal casqade of sensations, her hypnotising gaze reveals the crystal tenderness of her loving but caged soul, which finally discovered a shelter of comfort, a harbour of love in/with Rose ! This movie is PERFECTION, the synergy of the talented people involved in the production and glorious classical music (especially Verdi) makes the audience's hearts beat in unison! Thank you very much for the delivered divine pleasure to eyewhitness Camp Belvidere, it was an absolute honour and a privilege to experience the tornado of emotions, the flight of the soul and true happiness from the passionate love story which has no boundaries (was soooo jealous of myself while watching it :-) )  - please, accept my low bow and never ending STANDING OVATIONS! still have 70 hours of rental to watch it countless amount of time :-) .

não consigo encontrar o filme, alguém pode ajudar?


me.encanto esta serie lo mas triste es que muere la mejor protagonista ..¿cat