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it's already on bluray, but after watching it, I don't want it anymore. they all look the same


I had my reservations when I heard they were making a 2nd one, because for me the first one is a romcom-classic and I have fond memories watching it with my mom. But I'm excited to see that this actually Looks very funny and sweet!.


I dont know about of all you guys but the ending was the best part. Especially the moment the driver asked if only one stop. It is not your typical romance movie. For me, this movie implies that if you're not happy with your relationship, end it. Theyve met twice. First probably can consider to be coincidental. But the second one is destiny, finding you a better person to be with. The ending was a total cliffhanger. And I guess, it doesnt matter if they didnt show it in the end. But I have a great feeling, its only a one stop, and they followed their own instincts. To love a person who can actually appreciates and support you. In short, they both have a crappy relationship, ended it and chose to be with themselves..

if your knees are open shut your eyes im not Greek but that funny hahahahaha.
Orthodox ☦
Oh, I like Nia Vardalos in (My life in ruins) she has the most sexiest big calves! Man I love that women's legs, hot,hot,hot!!!!


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YAY!!! But who's getting married, the grandmother or Paris?!
ελληνες καντε τη εμφανιση σας
hmm, Can't tell if she looks more like Pam (The Office) or Lois Lane.
Being a Greek American, I feel like this movie gave a lot of negative images of the Greeks. We have our traditions, food, and culture, but this movie made us seem like backwards villafe village people. And with the recent news with the Greek economy (which is blown out of proportion), it just adds fuel to the fire..

Does everything need a sequel?
waitng for second part for this movie
Like Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin, I am totally shipping Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung. :)
I guess this spirit/demon is a... stage five clinger. I'll see myself out.
is this the story with no answer at the end?
omg omg cant waittt!!!!! eeeeek!
ok that's mean....