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Pc+apple+tv+8K+HDR+watch+smart+What+Happened+last night
Pc apple tv 8K HDR watch smart What Happened Last nightmare
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Pc apple tv 8K HDR watch smart What Happened Last night
While it's still a few months away from being released here, probably worth starting a thread for it, as it will no doubt be very popular, especially when the p
Pc+apple+tv+8K+HDR+watch+smart+What+Happened+Last+night lights


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pc apple tv 8k hdr watch smart what happened last night
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Agree that the song in the background is so awesome
Spoiler alert proceed with cautious: Sad to say this, but population control in this situation is necessary, but here's an idea to save the Earth. Instead of killing siblings off, why don't they kill people at a certain age? When they reach 65 kill them off. #1) 30% dies and won't make it that far anyways #2) the pollution and everything would decrease. Ask a parent, would they rather die or have their child die? Most would prefer to die, especially if they lived their life already. They should have killed the bad guy instead with her old ass.

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One woman who plays seven person who has different personalities?damn girl.
Its funny you know I thought the movie was about overpopulation. But its not. Its about a family thats trying to survive an unimaginable situation and against the odds. Overpopulation was just the back story. Fantastic movie. Noomie Repace is amazing. Every person she played had their own personality..
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I can’t stop watching this!!
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Actually, It was a really really good movie. Not awesome but it really worths your time. The only thing I didn't like was that the movie is a little bit predictable. But yes gr8 movie.


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We miss you John. Come back please. We need you.

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I just finished watching this and I cried soooo much😢😢 Thursday and Saturday are my favs, my fav was Monday but she turns out to be a traitor, I love this movie 😍😍😭😭😘😘
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So conservative snowflakes are claiming this is offensive to try and get John Oliver/his show booted off of You Tube? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good luck with that! Maybe instead of trying to keep in-depth news stories off of The Interwebs, you all can free some caged kids, do some charity work to help unpaid workers from the Trump shutdown, donate some time and energy to your local public school, public library, or museum, or just, ya know, act like a human being..

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People who don't like the truth may find this post inappropriate or offensive.

Pc apple tv 8K HDR watch smart What Happened last night

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Counting down the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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They send in an army to hunt down a group of women who's crime was to be alive? Reminded me of Soylent Green where they turn humans into cookies to feed the rest of the population. Equally absurd. Most people we saw in this movie did not live in poverty. They had food, water, electricity, decent clothes,... They had enough to share for 6 more women. I didn't believe any of it. No government would go to such extremes and simply kill excessive population. Then she cuts off the index finger to use his gun? really? How convenient the security of weapons lies solely in the tip of the index finger which just happens to be the part she's missing. Not to mention the scene where one of the sisters sacrifices herself to take out a few soldiers by overheating some canisters in a microwave for one minute. She really didn't have time to escape? Just sit there and waste her time talking and crying? Besides, It doesn't take EXAXTLY 60 seconds for some canister to explode in a microwave. That scene was just laughable. These are just a few of the many flaws in this movie..

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Q:DISPLAY / VIDEO - NO PICTURE? A: Make sure the power cable is connecting correctly. Make sure the TV is turned on. Make sure the video cables are connected correctly..
I never noticed Casey Neistat
Predictable and plot holes, They have fingerprint guns and retina scanners but uses bracelets as a main thing to identify people..